UFOs and Government Projects

Think about this , What difference would a sighting or established contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, physical or radio, make to your beliefs? The controversial sightings of UFOs and extra terrestrials hardly depend on economic global ramifications or sensitive country to country relationships. Enthusiasts and supporters have time and again defied the denials by NASA and governments all over the world that if people’s belief in the Supreme Being can be so accepted and protected, then why the ridicule about an intelligent race of beings on this planet? The reactions from authorities leave no other understanding than to imagine that we suddenly have become a part of a ‘need to know’ situation.

Governments the world over have probed on a public and the very controversial ‘private’ and military level on such sightings. It is but natural that enthusiasts should feel the urge to demand for the ‘hidden’ information. In the last couple of months, there has been quite a wave of UFO sighting reports, backed by photographs, hazy or otherwise and videos of red and orange lights moving over open ground. The articles have made it to the headlines with eyewitness accounts of these strange and unidentifiable objects that have an eerie glow.

Even as the NASA authorities and governments continue denying the authenticity of the reports, they have to consider sightings such as that on the 25th of September, 2007, over Alaska’s Kodiak Island. Several witnesses bore witness to seeing an unidentified object falling from the sky! There were 911 calls to alarm the local officials. Even a helicopter search was initiated by the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station, Kodiak.

However, nothing extraordinary was discovered. The witnesses described a bright light that moved towards the Gulf of Alaska. Some went on to report that they heard an explosion. Similar sightings were also made on the Kenai Peninsula. Local fire, police, and other rescue departments were alerted to deal with a probable plane crash.


The low-altitude flight for signs of fire or pitting and the higher-altitude fly over revealed nothing, according to Petty Officer Richard Brahm. All aircrafts were accounted for by the Air Traffic Control room; then could this have been a meteorite? A UFO!

NASA and government authorities refuse to acknowledgeUfology’s first and foremost rule – Judge each case on its own merit. The kind of attention and the increase in sightings cannot be denied by authorities and it is easier said than believed, especially by the eye witnesses that the sightings are a ‘play of vision’.

The military and the secret government undertakings have been very innovative in aircraft designs and war-crafts. A UFO or alien sighting is usually brushed off as a Chinese lantern or one of the innovative military designs or even weather balloons. However, the questionable momentum of these globules, the zigzag and unthinkable pathways and the simultaneous sightings and explosions remain unanswered and are food for thought for enthusiasts.

The kind of paranoia and havoc films like Independence Day and Star Wars have depicted under alien attack is surely every government official’s nightmare. However, it is worth considering:

Is this the lull before the unearthly storm?

If the denial is deliberate, what purpose is it serving?