UFOs Buzz St. Louis Arch

A recently submitted report to the Mutual UFO Network’s reporting center suggests that a witness was in proximity to a UFO from the 23rd story of his hotel room when he spotted an unusual formation above the St. Louis Arch.  As he continued to watch he realized that he would have to reassess his understanding of the paranormal.

As the event began, the witness was resting comfortably in his hotel room at approximately 3:15 in the morning.  Unable to determine exactly what it was, he could clearly see the St. Louis arch in the distance with this formation of seven lights in an arrow shape coasting slowly over the Mississippi River just near the Arch.  As the lights approached the arch they began to hover then shot off in a brilliant display of light.  Unlike the aircraft he was accustomed to seeing in the area, these craft had no strobe lights, and were moving at times far too slowly to be explainable by conventional aircraft.  With the distant lights emitting a steady unearthly glow they eventually shot off and disappeared from the vantage point of the witness.  As he collected his thoughts, he immediately began wondering about what he had just seen.  And even as he questioned what it could have possibly been he was able to see distant planes with their flashing lights flying in the distance.

Of course this isn’t the first time mysterious craft have been reported stopping by the St. Louis arch in a flyby mission of unknown purpose.  In 2008 witnesses reported seeing a mysterious orb shaped object hovering above the arch and emitting a mysterious glow to it before suddenly disappearing without warning.  Both witnesses were armed with cameras and photographed the incident as the object passed over the St. Louis Arch.

And in 2009 witnesses reported seeing a similar object once again hovering near the arch, shooting around it and dancing while being driven by some unknown force to do so.  As the witnesses took in the spectacle, they couldn’t help but notice that the mysterious craft seemed to be looping through the arch and then dancing around it meaning it could not have been any more than 600 feet in altitude.

The St. Louis arch is one of the most unique buildings in the history of modern architecture.  Rather than a simple building the arch was designed with a tuning fork in mind.  It has been called the gateway to the west for several years, but these witnesses may raise the question as to whether or not it is actually a gateway – or at least hotspot for something else.  And with its unique architecture, historical significance, geographically unique location, and proximity to the heart of the city of St. Louis, there’s no question about why all those new to the area may consider it worth visiting.  And with thousands of eyes looking up at it every day some of those visitors may inevitably be seen and reported in massive numbers.