UFOs Buzz Vatican

UFOs have been spotted hovering above Vatican City once again.  And this time the reports are coming from not only drivers and tourists, but the guards to the Vatican themselves.  The recent streak of UFOs appearing over the Vatican has been like nothing ever seen before in Rome.  And not only were these objects seen, they were also recorded on film by numerous different sources.

Since Vatican City is its own nation, it has its own defending army including several dedicated artillery operators who are trained in observing what an object in the sky is doing, shaped like, and the nature of its presence.  Artillery troops on the ground were able to observe not only one, but a formation of three objects moving at the same time.  At first it was suggested these may be the corners of a triangular craft as there were three lights, but the objects weren’t equidistant from one another.  And though they did move in formation, sometimes very uniformed in fashion, they did not maintain their distances consistently throughout their being sighted.  The incident lasted for several minutes starting some time after 4:00 in the morning.  Some of the best footage to come from the incident so far is from three men who observed the object and were members of Santa Barbara’s antiaircraft group.  Though the footage was taken on a cell phone, it is a bit better than most cell phone ufo footage.  Of course this isn’t saying much considering you cannot distinguish much more than the fact that the objects are luminescent and roughly following one another in formation.  Aside from this it’s difficult to get any more details from the guards’ video.

Every year in Italy statistics have been gradually increasing in number on the number of UFO sightings.  Of course gradually in this sense is much more dramatic than in the United States or the UK where the statistics vary widely from year to year but show a steady incline.  In Italy, though the number of UFO sightings is not a matter of intense record keeping, they have been reported to be increasing by a few every year with the average of the past ten years being about fifty major incidents per year.  Many of these have been centered around the Vatican.  The Italian media’s response has been one of wonder and discriminating possibility juxtaposed with a brick wall of staunch skepticism.  Was there a purpose to this latest incident?

One scholar on UFO history suggests that unidentified objects in the sky have always been present over Rome at moments of historical significance.  It has always been something that Romans looked to the stars to suggest a sudden mysterious change in their everyday lives.  If only we could tell if they had any more significance today than they did then.  Satellites have been ruled out in this case due to the erratic movements of the lights, and traditional aircraft are not thought to be able to have created such a stir in the sky over nothing.  The final question of what they were is, however, open to the possibility of visitation by extraterrestrials.  And many Italians will be watching the skies for some time after this dramatic event.