UFOs Continue to Buzz Indiana Witnesses

Fireworks such as these were all the witness wished to see, but they caught a glimpse of something unexplainable instead.When the witness later submitting his report to MUFON first started her day, the last thing she expected was to have a close encounter with a force beyond her ability to explain.  Instead, she was intending merely to have a simple conversation with her son and possibly watch the fireworks that were being launched by their neighbors.  The incident reported was one of the most incredible sightings the witnesses had ever seen.  The strange occurrence was the last major incident of June, and still defies explanation.

It all started while talking with her son in law on the porch and shooting off fireworks.  The ball of light was aflame, and appeared at first to be standing still.  As the witnesses watched, however, it was soon clear that the object was moving with a strange sense of purpose.  The witnesses noted in their report that they doubted the strange object was a meteor as it “wasn’t coming down from the sky.”  They further noted that behind it, the object left no trail of smoke or vapor and instead just moved as though intelligently controlled across the sky with no visible means of propulsion.  It just hung there somehow without a propeller or rockets and coasted around the sky amidst the fireworks.

After commenting that they both were seeing the same thing, the witness called out to her husband and son to run outside.  As the two did so, the unidentified flying object suddenly turned and moved to the southeast while accelerating with incredible celerity.  The witnesses describe the object as being about as large as a basketball at arm’s length before it darted behind a cluster of trees and disappeared from view.  This was the last the strange hovering object was seen.

As is often the case with incidents such as this one, however, the witnesses did not notice any headlines the next day regarding the strange object hovering over town.  Instead, they couldn’t help but wonder if they were the only ones to witness the event.  Given the area, however, and the fact that many people were surely looking up at the sky at fireworks they are certain someone out there also saw it.

It’s no mystery that with the fourth of July celebrations, eyes around the United States will be turned to the skies to watch the incredible light displays of fireworks.  But will there also be those in the sky looking down on us and giving off their own light displays?  Of course there are expected to be several UFO accounts that can be simply explained as a rocket shooting up into the air and malfunctioning, but none of these are known to hover or suddenly disappear without a brilliant flash.  By Monday July 5th, there is an expected flood of UFO reports from those who, while out with family and friends and celebrating were able to see something incredible that changed their understanding of life, the universe, and everything.  Fortunately, we will be there to report on these incredible close encounters.