UFOs in Currency

Conspiracy theorists for decades have pointed to the mysterious pyramid topped by an all seeing eye and labeled it as a sign that something peculiar is going on in our Universe.  The Illuminatti’s All Seeing Eye has been a mainstay in conspiracy theories since the note first started bearing the mysterious figure on it.  But if that sounds strange, imagine a coin depicting a flying saucer.  That’s just what archaeologists are puzzling over from a coin discovered from 1680.  And if that’s not enough to set your hair on end, the inscription will leave you with several questions.

OPPORTVNVS ADEST are the words written along the edge of the coin.  This phrase roughly translates to “The time is Opportune for arrival” in Latin.  On the reverse of the coin you can see a storm brewing above a plant and rain falling to the Earth.  The inscription here is HAEC Per Te AVCTA COLAM or “Let its growth please your heart.”  And these coins are not the only ones with this mysterious flying disc.

Those who have followed the subject of UFOs on currency and looked for an alternate explanation to the commonly reported extraterrestrial interpretation have come forward saying it’s possible there could be a number of other explanations as well.  Some have suggested the artifact must be Ezekial’s wheel which appeared in biblical passages.

But even Ezekial’s wheel is thought to have a strong connection to the extraterrestrial phenomenon.  In fact, of all the passages listed in the bible, Ezekial’s wheel is most commonly listed as being comparable to a modern UFO report starting with the words, “I looked, and I saw a windstorm coming out of the north — an immense cloud with flashing lightning and surrounded by brilliant light.  The center of the fire looked like glowing metal.”  Ezekial then goes on to say the object descended and from it came four “living creatures” with bronze skin and what appeared to be wings and four faces.  Interpretations of their actual appearance vary widely among different researchers, but this lends some credence to the UFO as Ezekial’s wheel theory among many researchers.

And the interesting thing is, after the descriptions of a “wheel within a wheel” became commonplace when referring to the Ezekial encounter the interpretation as a horizontal floating disc seems surprisingly prevalent outside of imagery espoused by the Catholic church.  Other interpretations show the angels clutching a twelve spoked wheel in their hands with only one face each.

So was this coin one of many used to illustrate and celebrate the presence of something else from the stars visiting us on Earth?  Or is it possible it is merely a misinterpretation?  One thing is certain, the answer would be worth its weight in gold.  And you can take that to the bank.  Unfortunately, it seems the explanation of this disc emblazoned across these coins is a mystery that will remain unsolved for quite some time.