UFOs Invade California Airspace

It appears the force behind the UFO phenomena has taken a sudden interest in southern California.  LA and the area twenty or so miles around the city limits have had several sightings all happening in tandem within the past 24 hours.  Multiple witnesses are starting to report seeing the same objects.

It all started when one man, walking home from a hardware store suddenly had a prickling sensation at the back of his mind and turned around to look at a specific area of sky only to see a fireball like object descend as though it was going to crash by the marine base Camp Pendleton.  As the object descended it maintained its apparent shape, not burning out like a comet and rather than crashing with a fiery flash rather simply stopped and then vanished.  The object was not discovered to be a meteorite.  Meteorologists have speculated that a meteorite at the size the witness describes could not have crashed into the earth without creating a significant explosion.

Elsewhere, within the LA city limits near Interstate 110 a witness who was standing outside smoking a cigarette reported seeing an object of trapezoidal shape hovering no more than a mile away from them and at an altitude of no more than 1500 feet.  The object was the estimated size of a mid-sized sedan and either glittered in the sunlight or had lights attached to it that blinked at random intervals.  The object itself had the look of an object under intelligent control.  It didn’t seem to move with any sort of wind, but rather hovered in straight lines across the sky.  The witness reported feeling no wind on the ground level, but couldn’t be sure what conditions were like higher up.  Still, they maintained that an object such as this likely would not have been guided by the wind, but rather seemed intelligent in its movements.  The entire sighting for somewhere between three and four minutes before the object disappeared, moving East and leaving the witness mystified.

The next day at 1:25 PM, the same object was reported by a motorist who pulled over to the side of the road to get a clearer look at the object.  As he watched, he observed the craft moving up and down and sort of “playing” in the Eastern sky.  The object described didn’t have wings, a tail, or any distinguishable features other than the roughly oval shape.  The object appeared shiny, but also could have been glowing in the sky.  Like the other witness, this witness reports that the object definitely seemed under intelligent control.  It moved around in straight lines for extended periods of time before it would pause, then start dancing in the sky as though playing, guided by some unseen yet intelligent hand.

The recent sightings in California are not at all uncharacteristic for the location, as the LA area in particular is a sort of hotspot for paranormal activity.  It is, however, strange for so many UFO sightings to happen in such a short period of time one after another in such a specific location.