UFOs Over Carbondale, Illinois

Several sightings of UFOs have been appearing around Carbondale, Illinois in recent days. While Carbondale is no stranger to the strange, the sightings this year are far more dramatic and extraterrestrial in nature. Carbondale is perhaps most famous for its famous haunted local houses, but these sightings have left quite a few locals shaken while others are donning binoculars and a watchful sky in order to get an eyeful of the mysterious invaders.

Carbondale is generally far away from Air Traffic lines, and therefore aerial phenomena is fairly rare. That certainly didn’t stop a mysterious object from appearing to a witness just south of town as they were heading through Makanda on Highway 51 toward town when they spotted a mysterious triangular craft hovering low as they drove home late from work one night. The witness, who shall remain anonymous, was driving home when suddenly an oncoming car began flashing its lights at him. Thinking the motorist was indicating to him a road hazard, such as a deer on the road, the driver suddenly became alert and looked around to see what could be ahead of him. What he spotted, however, was far more troubling than he had ever suspected. A green fireball streaked across the sky toward the west. Amazed, the witness thought it was strange and prepared to move on when suddenly a massive triangular object darkened out the sky above him. The object had somewhere around four or five lights along its edges as it soared north-west toward nearby Cedar Lake. After recording the object, the witness looked back on his footage and realized it didn’t show much more than a few lights in the sky. The craft then drifted west where it disappeared in the tree-line.

Then, two days later on the third the UFOs returned to Carbondale as one witness was driving toward Carbondale on Highway 56 heading West when they spotted a quickly blinking light suddenly moving in cohesion. Soon after, the witnesses were struck by four other objects suddenly moving into formation around the single brightly blinking light. Quickly the objects moved into a perfect triangle and slowly hovered west toward Carbondale before dropping behind the tree line and disappearing entirely.

Where are these objects coming from and what interest do they have in this town so suddenly? Local newspapers have as of yet not picked up on the mysterious sightings, and the identity of the observers is still withheld to protect them.

Of course this isn’t the first time UFOs have been spotted in the area. Even earlier this year an object very similar in description was spotted over the town in September as a self proclaimed skeptic watched three lights moving in a triangle formation as they strolled around the neighborhood.

The lights made a perfect triangle with cohesion between them as though fixed to a single object of massive size. The object didn’t appear to be a plane, but rather a massive black triangular object. Soon the lights moved Northwest (as with the other sightings) at a great speed and disappeared.

What does it all mean?  What business could these mysterious craft possibly have over this town?