UFOS Over Mt. St. Helens

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There have been several reports recently about UFOS over Mount St. Helens.
The most recent report comes from an anonymous photographer who claims he saw
this UFO over Victoria Park last month. 

He said: “The object was at a height of roughly 500 feet and appeared to
the naked eye as the size of a small coin held at arms length.

“It looked like a brilliant glowing fireball and looked like the underneath
or belly of the object. It was circular in shape – the centre was a brilliant
whitish glowing colour – and looked like its edges were on fire with flickering
orange flames.

“I watched it for several minutes and it would appear stationary for about
15 seconds, blink out, then instantly re-appear in a different part of the sky.
I must have witnessed this manoeuvre at least ten times.

“It also fired out what looked like a pulsating light several times but was
completely silent. But the last time it blinked out was the last time I saw it.
It just disappeared.”

He added: “This was no aeroplane, police helicopter or balloon. I’ve never
seen anything like it before. It is easy to get carried away with stories of
little green men or flying saucers, but if we can land on the moon and send
spacecraft to distant planets, then who’s to say that there isn’t other
intelligent life forms in outer space doing the same thing?”


Back in 2004, this report surfaced about a UFO over Mt. St. Helens.

2004- This possible UFO was caught on the Mount
St. Helens Webcam
on the afternoon of October 20, 2004. It was
sighted just above the new lava dome in the crater, just minutes after the
prevalent steam plumes suddenly stopped. This happened at approximately 1:30 PM
as stated on the webcam photo. My theory is that the UFO entered the crater, and
perhaps the mountain itself and did something to halt the eruption of steam.
Before this object appeared, the steam plume was building in height and size.
The image is updated every 5 minutes with a 5 minute delay, so a lot could have
happened between images, and there is no way to know whether the UFO is entering
or leaving the location in the image.

The image was not modified or enhanced except for resizing, and creating an
enlarged insert of the crater with color saturation boosted, and sharpness
enhanced. The “UFO” was not added by me, but was on the photo captured
to disk by the webcam.

–Gary S. Source: http://ufo.whipnet.org/digital.proof/st.helens.ufo/index.html

This picture was found using Google Earth. It’s a little unclear, but does
show an object that can not be explained.

Perhaps UFOs are attracted to natural phenomena, or perhaps the US Government
or scientific study groups are flying observation crafts over the mountain.
Either way, it’s an interesting topic to follow.