UFOs Return to O’Fallon, Illinois

Witnesses in O’Fallon Missouri received an unexpected visitor of unknown origin when they looked up at the sky only to see a strange object hovering above them.  The fourth of July sighting is one of many that have been and continue to pour into the Mutual UFO Network’s website (MUFON).

As they stood and sat in their back yard, facing the east and watching the unfolding fireworks display, one of the family members observed a strange glowing object floating in the distance.  It was nearing dusk as they watched a glittering display of fireworks in a nearby field of corn.  As they watched the incredible sustained glowing object, they soon came to realize that what they were looking at was not part of the fireworks display as they had initially suspected, but rather something else.

O’Fallon Illinois is a beautiful farming community just North of Belleville and Scott Airforce Base and approximately 20 miles from St. Louis if travelling by major highway.  O’Fallon is best known in paranormal circles as the sight of the early 2000 UFO sighting that was tracked across three counties before disappearing finally.  The area has seen several major UFO incidents and sightings partially suspected to be connected to Scott Airforce Base by many UFOlogists.

As the witnesses watched the glowing object track across the sky, they observed no lights flashing on its surface, but rather observed only a steady glow as it moved across the sky.  As they watched, they studied its shape and color in the hopes of learning what exactly it was.  Its shape would roughly circular, and it had a deep amber color to it as is often the case in UFO sightings in the area.  Since the object was moving quickly, at first they thought it may be a distant jet reflecting the setting sun’s light, but then realize it was leaving behind no contrail, and was making no sound.  In addition to this, it had a clearly circular shape to it.  The area of O’Fallon is high in air traffic, but the behavior exhibited by this object was faster than a conventional aircraft, but still slower than a meteorite.

With its sustained trajectory across the sky, the object moved with determination without changing its course except to correct its altitude once to what the witnesses estimate to be around 15,000 feet.  After it cleared over them and passed into the distance they could not help but wonder if they had just had a close encounter with an unidentified flying object, or if this was somehow an unknown type of top secret military aircraft.  One of the witnesses, after watching it for several seconds returned to the house to retrieve a camera and snapped a picture of it.  The witnesses also noticed a strange “orb” in the lower right hand corner of the picture, but this could have been dust on the lens or directly in front of it passing by in the humid summer air.  The UFO reports keep pouring in surrounding the fourth of July festivities when many eyes were turned to the sky.