UFOs Swarm Dallas Fort Worth Area

The Dallas Fort Worth Area has been a hot bed for UFO activity for years, and it seems as though now is no exception.  In the past two days three sightings have been reported to the Mutual UFO Network suggesting something strange is going on in the skies above the cities at the heart of Texas.

The first witness was out walking his dogs when he suddenly caught sight of an object in the sky.  Having seen several planes passing by in the skies above his home he dismissed it.  Then, as things turned strange, he suddenly stopped and simply stared at this object moving quickly across the sky.  Unlike the planes, which were distant and very loud, this object was far closer and looked like a glowing ball of light.  It zoomed past him and then changed color from white to red before finally vanishing altogether.  Hesitant to report the incident after hearing so many strange stories from Dallas, the witness finally submitted his report to the Mutual UFO Network that night wondering what the mysterious object could possibly have been.  He was not alone.

Just west of the first witness, the following day a witness in Fort Worth came home and just as she was arriving happened to notice something out of the front of her windshield.  A strange object in the sky that looked like it had a tail on it and was jumping up and down like a jellyfish was soaring through the night sky.  At first the witness had seen it streaking across the view in front of her and had thought it was a shooting star.  But as the hours went on, she witnessed more and eventually she grabbed her camera and started taking pictures, eventually uploading them to the site in a collage.  It’s difficult to tell from the image what the object could have been, but the pictures are clearly blurry which, unfortunately, seems to be a theme with pictures of objects in the sky at night.  Still a few of them betray a strange definition to them that suggests the glowing orb could have been multiple objects.  Interestingly, the witness described the objects as being red, white, and orange.  The description is in keeping with the first witness.

Another witness, reading late at night was roused from his bed by a strange object streaking across the sky.  The witness walked to the window and saw three lights, each a different color.  One was red, another was blue, and another was yellow.  The witness then suddenly felt very afraid as he watched the objects and couldn’t help but feel something was watching him.

While it’s not as dramatic as the sightings of a year ago where every night another UFO or several UFOs would appear every Thursday like clockwork, these objects certainly left an impression on the witnesses.  And in reading their reports it’s clear something is going on in the Dallas Fort Worth area in the skies that simply cannot be explained.