UFOs – The Ultimate Technological Arms Race

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For over 30 years, I have investigated reports of Unidentified Flying Objects, Paranormal experiences, the Devil’s (Bermuda) Triangle, and other reportedly “unexplainable” phenomenon.  With the exception of my tenure as the Alabama State Director for the Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network (MUFON), I have never published any of my research, opinions, or thoughts on any of those subjects until now.  In the comings days, weeks, and months, I hope you enjoy and appreciate some of my insights as I bring you reports of things “unexplainable” from around the world.


Erich Von Daniken provide perhaps the most intense stimulus for my interest in ufology with his book, Chariots of the Gods.   Although, I have long since in my own mind refuted many of his conclusions regarding proof of alien existence, visitations, and influence on our ancient civilizations, in doing so, I have honed my deductive reasoning and investigative skills and developed some theories of my own.


As a brain teaser, I offer some facts to set the stage for other writings to come with this brief expose of ufological history from my perspective.  Consider the facts presented and draw your own conclusions.


In the grand debate over whether the reports of extraterrestrial crafts, beings, and abductions are, or not, let’s suppose for a second that it doesn’t matter.  Instead let’s consider the bigger picture and the consistency of the bigger details of the majority of reports rather than the credibility of the persons reporting.  The old expression “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” seems particularly apropos in the case of ufology.  For the statistically inclined, the probability of even a small percentage of the hundreds of thousands of reports being true is sufficient to permit deductions from the “big” details.  Although not a new concept in investigative methodologies, it is more often than not obscured by personal biases or agendas that lead to distorted views of or outright denials of facts.


Recent psychological studies have demonstrated that eyewitness accounts of unexpected or traumatic encounters are probably the MOST unreliable accounts of the details of what actually happened.  Other studies by the U.S. Department of Justice as recently as 1999, caution law enforcement investigators not to influence or discredit eyewitness accounts by the way they conduct the interviews. (See “Eyewitness Evidence A Guide for Law Enforcement” by the U.S. Department of Justice, 1999

http://www.ncjrs.org/pdffiles1/nij/178240.pdf )


For a good example of how the bigger picture is consistent regardless of how unreliable each individual report may or may not be, see “Current Shape of UFO” Seen in Pictures Today- July 2004  https://www.unexplainable.net/ufo-alien/current-shape-of-ufos-seen-in-pictures-today.php .  His approach illustrates my point exactly.


Contrasting the pictures in Jim’s article with reports of UFO’s in previous decades and even centuries we see a pattern of credibility that has not to my knowledge been offered before.


Prior to the 20th century, the predominant nature of the objects reported was the classic cigar shaped slow moving objects.  Some reportedly had flaming exhausts or contrails and various levels of sounds, but they lumbered along like man’s earliest attempts at flight in hot air balloons used for spying on troops in the U.S. civil war and earlier European conflicts.  As late as WWI, balloons and then dirigibles (blimps) lumbered about the skies.


As man’s technology has improved with the development of faster moving aircraft, so have the technologies reflected by the UFO reports.  As powered aircraft took to flight, the reports publicly leaked by military pilots and observers suggested the objects were more metallic and flew higher and faster and demonstrated much more flight agility than the earlier reports. This reporting is paralleled by recently available information from the previously close soviet society.


As we developed jet aircraft, the objects became disc shaped and demonstrated flight characteristics that seemingly defied the laws of physics by making 90 degree turns instantly while traveling as supersonic speeds.  Some of these maneuvers were documented on our primitive radar systems.  Scientists refuted such claims as impossible because the centrifugal force experienced by the occupants of any craft making those kind of maneuvers would kill the occupants.  If unmanned, the objects could not possibly taunt their pursuers as suggested by repeated engagements in close proximity. While at first glance this was a giant logical obstruction to the entire reliability of such UFO reports, today, we know that the G-forces experienced by ‘top gun’ pilots are beyond the limits of the human body.  Because of this, the advance fighter pilots wear special suits that are computerized to apply pressure to limbs to keep the blood from rushing away from the head and causing black-outs or death.


By the 1970’s, the United States military was employing the first stealth technologies on the highly classified SR-71 Blackbird spy planes even though they would deny the existence of such aircraft and technology for another 20 years.  The interesting thing to me is that the UFO reports were exhibiting the stealth characteristics from the early 1960’s with radar invisibility and cloaking (being visible one second and then becoming invisible as if turning off a light).


Today we have aircraft that can fly several times the speed of sound and perform maneuvers that would be described by those early scientific experts as impossible, including the Soviet Mig-23 literally flying backwards at the Paris Air show!


Of course, I am not suggesting that the UFO technology has been improving at the same speed as man’s recent improvements.  It would be ludicrous to suggest that if these objects are intelligent controlled by beings from some other planet, the technology they employed to make the trip to Earth was not better than our dirigibles.


What I am suggesting is a pattern of intelligent application to the problem from the perspective of an alien visitor.  As mankind demonstrates new technological capabilities that are threats to these Unidentified Flying Objects, it does appear that these objects are being replaced with enough technology to stay one step ahead of the threat.  Remember, President Reagan didn’t send B-52s and F-15s to the Island of Grenada to rescue students.


I would suggest that the big picture to be drawn from these observations is that the UFO’s are intelligently controlled devices, probably manually, by occupants from an intellectual civilization with technological capabilities far beyond what mankind understands at present, and that they are not hostile in their intent.  I offer the progression of observations over the decades as proof of the first two conclusions and the fact that, to date, none of these UFO’s has been the aggressor in any aerial encounter with armed military counterparts – that is – they have never fired first!


Before you jump to the conclusion that I’m full of something brown and malodorous because you notice that I suggested the UFO manufacturers have the technological wherewithal and understanding to travel potential billions of miles through space but then lumber through our atmosphere in previous centuries, consider this:  in the context of self-defense, they didn’t need anything faster than a lumbering craft to protect them from mankind until mankind took to flight.  Since then, they have stayed at least one step ahead of whatever mankind has offered.  Secondly, you are assuming that traveling billions of miles through space would be as slow as mankind currently perceives it to be with our limited technological capabilities in that environment.  I don’t.


Perhaps, there are ways to travel at the speed of light or beyond that make it possible to move crafts across the universe in light-hours, much the same as the current U.S. Military can globally reposition huge forces in a matter of hours.

Wouldn’t that change your perspective on things?  And a topic for discussion in another article.