UFOs are reported daily all over the world. It happens every day that someone see an unexplainable sight in the sky which can not be human-made. Many testimonies come from professionals such as Marines, pilotes or officers. Furthermore, radar maps often confirm the eye sights. The UFOs have many forms and appareances. Often they are described as light ball flying very fast in the sky demonstrating a really complex navigability. Big Media companies usually don’t try to explain the facts and let scientists to do so but often scientists are disturbed in their task by secret services. Governments seem to keep the control of this unexplainable events. They try to hide something to the people. Are UFOs secret experiments from the army? In a free country like US, no secret services should exist. Every action from the government should be publicy available.


Maybe, governments are not behind UFO technologies but try to hide and study alien’s technologies in order to understand it and construct it themselves afterward. Maybe, aliens command governments to hide the facts because aliens want to be remained unknown. Many cases in histroy showed that governments are always taking part of the investigations and disturb free journalism. It is difficult for independant journalists to find the truth. Roswell is probably the most documented case and also the one that many false information have been put on the media network. In fact, the best way to hide information is to hide it among similar but wrong information. It makes the investigators busy to sort the right information. It is probably what governments do. Just remmber that it happened in the past: The church knew the existence of the Americas before that Cristophe Colomb came. Documents from the Vatican prove it. Keeping facts secret permits to plan actions before everybody else.


UFOs are not so recent as we may believe. Many paintings from the midle age or even the prehistory draw UFOs or extraterrestrial beings with space clothes. These discoveries put an end to the theory that UFOs are only made by armies. UFOs seem to be created by aliens and that they are on Earth since a long time ago. UFOs are maybe their vehicles or automatic sensors. Who would be these aliens? Why are they hiding themselves? Are they few ? Many questions come to mind. Time will tell.