UK UFO Flap Expected for Christmas

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It’s generally held that if something happens every year, it’s possible it will happen again in a similar way.  But when Christmas comes around this year, the UK may be surprised yet again as the phenomenon of a UFO flap on Christmas day has only been around for a few years.  While UFO sighting reports are submitted every day to various reporting centers happening around the world, the incidents on Christmas day in the United Kingdom have some wondering what’s going on up there.

In 2007, five bright lights were spotted by multiple witnesses in Flintshire, including one man who says he had just finished dinner with his family.  The lights reportedly hovered over the countryside and soared into the distance in formation as though they were part of the same craft.  As the lights lowered and more witnesses started noticing the object, it became clear that whatever was going on in the sky was not a conventional aircraft, but something quite extraordinary.  The craft reportedly did not emit any sound, and was allegedly moving quite quickly.

The following year, in 2008 the UK was once again visited by a UFO spotted just before Christmas with multiple sightings reported from Cornwall to Essex.  The objects were ubiquitously described as multiple lights moving in a formation as though each was part of a far larger structure.  Once again the objects reportedly emitted no noise, and moved quickly for a silent aircraft through the sky.  The reports were then submitted to various UFO reporting centers, including MUFON, NUFORC, and the UK UFO reporting center UK UFOs.  

And the same phenomenon was reported both in 2009 (to a lesser degree) and then again in 2010, but in 2010 the phenomenon was overshadowed in the news by a different aerial mystery – the massive bird die offs that began on New Year’s Eve. Will 2011 be the first year in recent history to not see UFOs in the hours before and during Christmas?  Or will we once again be graced by a mystery from the sky that simply cannot be explained?

It should be noted that UFOs being connected to holidays is not a strictly new phenomenon.  Of course the most commonly reported days of unexplained activity are also days when other aerial phenomenon traditionally happen (the fourth of July and New Year’s Eve) making those days somewhat tinted by fireworks and Chinese lanterns.  Halloween is another day when UFO sightings spike, possibly due to more people being outside during the night time when the objects are more likely to be noticed.  It seems like a relatively uncommon thing like UFO sightings would be more likely to happen as people travel or are called outside for extended periods.  Is this why Christmas is such a likely holiday to see these strange objects?  But then why does it seem so localized in the UK?