UN Appoints Alien Ambassador

Last Updated on November 30, 2020 by admin

A veritable ‘Ambassador to the Stars’ has been selected by the United Nations to deal in the affairs between humans and potential visiting aliens.  The move, while farcical to some sheds light on a very real and very mysterious series of political maneuvers made recently that suggest disclosure may be just around the corner.  And the appointment of an ambassador to deal with extraterrestrial contact seems one of the most clear indications of contact with another world the human race has ever made.

A report from the Sunday Times suggests the move is generating controversy not only around the world, but in the UN itself. In the years since its inception the United Nations has taken most matters with a very cautious and serious nature.  So when Mazlan Othman, head of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs was appointed to be the official channel for first contact with an alien race, the move was nothing less than shocking.  Is the appointment genuine?  Or is the claim itself out of this world?  Around the world people have been seized by the very real prospect of an institution such as the United Nations officially recognizing the prospect of contact with an extraterrestrial civilization as suggested in the article.

But is this a form of disclosure in itself?  Or is there an easy to follow logic behind the move?  The answer may be a little bit of both.  First, it is a serious act of faith on the part of the United Nations that at some point alien contact is likely enough to cover all bases, something far ahead of the commonly held opinion according to skeptics.  And second, the potential massing of resources for contact with an alien race may be so high that it would be virtually impossible to take into account the millions of potential variables when communicating with an alien race.  International incidents have been caused by cross cultural faux paws enough on our own planet to understand how important it would be to communicate with an alien race in a very careful way.  After all, aside from the language barrier we would be dealing with a civilization whose very biological systems and evolutionary history may suggest there is nothing simple about communication with humans or any other species for that matter.  How would we interact with a species wholeheartedly against the consuming of other animals for nourishment?  What about a species that thought even consuming plants was barbaric?  How do we handle technology exchanges?  Would it be culturally acceptable to even ask?

But the real issue here is that there is finally a serious discussion going on about an office for communicating with alien visitors.  With the global shift toward taking the UFO phenomenon seriously, is this a sign we are gravitating toward contact with an alien race?

It has been suggested by several UFO disclosure advocates that the recent changes that have been made are all moves toward a full disclosure of an alien presence on our planet.  Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility, but the more definite conclusion that can be drawn from all of this is that the world is taking time to ask questions about the issue and come to conclusions about it.  Is there an impending disclosure curtain getting ready to reveal an alien presence?