Unidentified Flying Automobiles

Unidentified Flying Objects are generally thought to be saucer or cigar shaped objects of unknown origin that are hovering or flying through the air, buzzing frightened or intrigued witnesses and generally causing them to wonder if there’s something else out there.  But what if the UFO was in fact very easy to identify, even if it wasn’t supposed to be flying?  Such is the case with recent reports of flying cars hovering and gloating by witnesses as they look on in abject confusion.

When we think of flying cars, the first images that come to mind are generally iconic and futuristic, including the flying Dalorian at the end of Back to the Future and the cars seen in Blade Runner and the Fifth Element.  But these are merely objects of fictional fancy, right?  According to several witnesses and a small arsenal of Google Earth images, there is something strange going on to suggest flying cars could actually be floating around even today.

A recent article from the Gralien Report outlines an encounter had by a 79 year old taking photographs from his rooftop as he observed a strange glowing object hovering around, swooping down and then coasting up into the air.  As he photographed the object, he could make out only the unmistakable outline of what looked like a sports car.  The incident made a believer out of Mark Schmutter, and several others who say the car simply cannot be flying in the way it appears to be.

And yet there are other incidents as well going back all the way to the 1980’s, and possibly before where witnesses have reported mysterious flying automobiles floating through the air.  More recently there have been reports coming through that flying car shaped UFOs have been spotted in the Midwest and Texas, with witnesses often left wondering if the objects were extraterrestrial or simply advanced technology.

It stands to reason if there really were some clandestine alien interaction going on around the world that some models of vehicle would likely be created to resemble conventional terrestrial vehicles, but possess the otherworldly capabilities of extraterrestrial craft.  Such vehicles could be parked and hidden in plain sight.  And what better mode of transportation would there be for the ominous Men in Black?

But there are a few mundane explanations.  Perhaps mundane isn’t the best word to describe disguised air vehicles made to look like automobiles, and perhaps even that explanation is a bit of a stretch.  But there have been balloons developed to look like automobiles but fly through the air for promotional purposes.  While these slow and sluggish vehicles are virtually impossible to distinguish from the real thing from a distance, they are sluggish and clearly look and behave like balloons.  It’s difficult to imagine them doing anything like the zooming and diving described by witnesses in these close encounters with dexterous flying cars.

With the massive amount of attention the phenomenon is getting in recent days, will this motivate others who have had encounters with the vehicles to themselves come forward with their sightings?  And will a suitable culprit be identified?

Not your average weather balloon.