Unidentified Object Big as the Moon Sighted in Wisconsin

Police, flooded by calls for two nights in a row are calling an object that many witnesses described as “big as the moon” relatively in the sky, a mere satellite, much to the chagrin of many witnesses who claim the explanation is preposterous.  This mass sighting comes to light about the same time as a similar mass sighting in China is sending the media scrambling for an explanation.

Police in Barron County were dispatched to track an object moving across the sky, that would appear then just as mysteriously appear miles away.  According to witnesses on the ground the object had blue, green, and red lights.  It’s well known that the FAA forbids the use of blue lights for aerial vehicles.  Still, on January 4th at approximately 8:30 at night reports started streaming in of an object sighted over three counties making appearances throughout the night.  As the night progressed so too did the bizarre reports.  Some even claimed the object exploded in a series of fireworks-like displays.

Police who observed the object said there may have been more than one, but indicated it must have been a manmade object such as a satellite or an airplane.  Others said it was impossible for the objects to be anything we know of.  Lois Johnovan, who even videotaped the object the second week it appeared said it was much further away than the first time she had observed it and not had a camera.  The first time she had seen the object she said it was as large and bright in the sky as the moon, but just to the east of it from the position she was observing near her friends’ home in Barron County.

As she focused her camera on the object as it traveled across the sky, Lois was certain the police would have to take the reports seriously, but when she brought the footage to local police they said they were certain the object was merely something manmade and refuse to even look at her footage.

The peculiar thing about this case is that the explanation is something that would likely happen every day in Barron County.  The residents of the area are clearly intelligent enough to understand an airplane, which is why they don’t call the police every night en masse when a night-bound airplane passes over the area or a satellite.  Something clearly was important, different, and interesting enough for several residents to call the police.  It’s insulting whenever something unusual happens, and the explanation given to a genuinely concerned public by officials is something that is laughable at best and downright negligent at worst.  Still, perhaps we’re being too hard on those who came up with the official story.  Without visual confirmation of the object, there’s no way to confirm if the dozens of witnesses or the police were correct.