Unidentified Object Buzzes Boise

A witness in Boise Idaho reported a close encounter with an object he and several other witnesses had while playing frisbee golf at Ann Morrison Park.  The object, at first seeming to be quite distant showed a peculiar ability to move far beyond anything we currently know, and soon it was quite obvious that it was not a distant large object, but a far closer device the witness describes as a “probe.”

As the witness was playing frisbee golf with his son and a friend of his, but they were not the only ones in the park.  As they continued to watch, the object appeared to spin around doing two full rotations to the left, described as being similar to a watch cog rolling through the sky.  As he and two other witnesses approached the object, it gently hovered from side to side as though it were shifting or dancing in the distance.  The movement didn’t seem to carry any real purpose, and whatever it was it certainly displayed an ability to remain completely still.  As the witnesses approached closer, the object suddenly spun around again doing a complete 180 degree turn as if to face toward or away from them.  As the front and back were impossible to tell from one another, though they were different the witness says he couldn’t tell if it faced away from them or toward them as they got closer.  What happened next would terrify the other two witnesses and leave the reporting witness with a sense of awe and wonder.

The object suddenly and without any apparent difficulty changed shape from the roughly spherical object with corners coming out from its sides into a seamless egg shape.  As the witnesses looked to one another and decided that this unidentified hovering object had finally become too strange to continue to approach, they backed away slowly and it again shifted into a boomerang shaped object, pointing directly at them.  It was at this point that the witness noticed an orange light emitting from the bottom of the craft shining down onto the ground at the spot it was hovering.  As they continued to walk away, they all kept cautious eyes on the strange object that seemed to have complete mastery over its own form and its ability to hover.  At this point the object suddenly made another turn and within a split second had vanished into the only cloud in the sky.

What was this mysterious craft?  With a vast number of reports such as this one coming forth over the years, the object has gained a classification name.  The “probe” model of UFO is said to be a smaller, suspected to be autonomous craft.  But is it man-made in origin?  Or something else?  As witnesses continue to describe mysterious tiny craft hovering and shape-shifting through the sky in broad daylight they seem to have an uncanny resemblance to the UAVs now being used by troops in Iraq, but with a seemingly unlimited improved potential for flying.