Unidentified Submerged Object Causes Concern From Boaters

An unidentified floating object appearing on Youtube has even the military baffled and wondering if this is a natural phenomenon, an unidentified creature, or something else.  While the object is currently unidentified, the movement of the device or creature is strange enough to warrant further analysis by experts.  The video, currently still being scrutinized by experts, claims to show an unidentified object not in the sky, but beneath the waves moving fast enough to keep up with a speeding boat fighting against the current.

First looking at the object it appears to be following the boat.  Some have even proposed it could be dragged on a line alongside it or possibly connected to the boat itself.  But that’s where the potential for that explanation seems to end.  Quickly as if being pulled in the opposite direction it veers off away from the vessel and appears to be moving quicker than the fishing boat.  Since the object is moving faster than the boat and away from it in a way that could not be pulled along by a fishing line, it looks almost like it is moving of its own volition or being controlled remotely.  Still, an object that can move through the water at this speed and in as turbulent waters as these doesn’t seem possible to many who are weighing in that it could be a creature.

Some have proposed that it could be pulled by another ship that is off camera and far ahead of the first being dragged on a long line.  This explanation too seems to not hold up to scrutiny as we see no wake to the right of the ship the camera crew is on.  And if it were being dragged behind, the line carrying it appears small – too small in fact to be seen.  How it moves faster than the boat is still unknown.

So at the moment the explanation is that it is simply an unidentified submerged object or USO.  While objects like this have been seen in the past they are generally far larger, do not move through the water at this sped – particularly not at the surface, and generally seem to avoid being seen by ducking under the waves as soon as witnesses spot them so that the account usually is simply of a large object hovering and then descending into the water and disappearing in its depths.

Of course another explanation has been proposed that this could actually be organic in nature, and some sort of creature could be somehow keeping up with the ship guided by a propulsion method not entirely understood.  And yet if it is a creature it doesn’t appear to have any fins or other features to help propel it along.  So how is it moving?  The footage is causing quite a few people to wonder what could be in the waters around Sweden, and inspiring more people to not only look at the skies but in the water as well.