Unscheduled Unidentified Craft Shuts Down Airport

It seems a week doesn’t go by these days where a UFO sighting somewhere in China doesn’t shut down an airport.  This most recent incident, was recorded by radar as an anomalous blip and traffic was diverted to nearby airports to avoid collision with the mysterious craft.

There are several theories on why the anomalous blips appear to be showing up on Chinese radar and not elsewhere.  One of the more compelling theories is that there is military testing going on involving either a device that can affect radar or a craft that can appear invisible to the naked eye invading Chinese airspace and becoming visible only for a short period as a show of military prowess by some other world power.  While interesting, it’s difficult to really back this claim without any evidence.

Others suggest UFOs have taken an interest in China for their emergence as a global power.  With China’s recent technological achievements it hopes to become the number one contender in the world’s economy.  But is this as deep as the craft’s visitation goes?  Are they simply hovering above China?  Or are they testing China’s resources and technological capabilities?

With the world’s eye on China increasingly with each passing year, it seems mysterious phenomena are being observed more as well.  Specifically, however, several people are claiming this isn’t necessarily related to extraterrestrials.

It should be noted, however, that China isn’t the only place where a major UFO sighting has taken place.  In 2006 the Chicago O’Hare airport was visited by UFOs in an incident witnessed by hundreds of witnesses.  As it took off and flew away from the airport the craft was seen to part the clouds and leave a hole behind in them that was visible for several minutes afterward.

Why are UFOs so interested in airports?  Is it the mastery of the skies that still intrigues some alien race?  Is this a military show of force in the next generation of cold war?  Or is there an unknown natural phenomenon that occurs as a byproduct of certain airports?

As air travel becomes more advanced will we see increasingly more elaborate phenomena interfering with instruments and craft?  Or will these visitations be quickly sought out and investigated thoroughly as the instrumentation catches up to the subtlety of the phenomenon?

With thousands of pilots spotting these objects every year and so few reporting them, there is a serious lack of communication between pilots and the public.  Since they can be grounded for reporting anything out of the ordinary such as UFOs, pilots are wary about letting anyone on the outside know about their sightings and share only the most dramatic or impossible to ignore encounters (such as several witnesses on one craft witnessing an object following closely behind a jet).  And it seems the phenomenon is global enough that there are possibly thousands of witnesses in the sky quite a bit who may have serious information about the UFO phenomenon that remain entirely silent.