Update on Chinese Village Disappearance

When we first posted information of the village in China that had vanished allegedly amid a blue beam of energy in the horizon, it was an intractable and seemingly unsolvable mystery.  But it wasn’t the information directly connected to the story itself, but rather surrounding the images and locations involved that really seemed to develop a narrative as time went on.  Could an entire village really just get sucked up into a mysterious beam of light and then covered up?

First, let’s take into consideration the location of the story itself and the sources involved.  The actual source the stories and claims leads back to cannot be seen anymore as they have been allegedly taken down by censors in the Chinese media.  And the story itself, when translated, seems fairly ambiguous when run through a translator – and yet this is the very story posted almost daily.

Additionally, the story itself claims a purple light was seen over the village while the video displayed shows a quite different image: a blue flickering beam of light that appears to be localized on the ground rather than in the sky.  In the background people can be heard speaking Mandarin.  Calling upon the expertise of a Mandarin speaking colleague of mine I asked what they were saying.  He maintains that though the conversation appears to be fairly non sequitor, there is nothing specific detailing that a distant UFO is responsible, and says based on the communication it could just as easily be an electrical storm.  In fact, it is possible that though the video is dramatic it could have nothing to do with the Qinling disappearance as nothing indicated a region or anything else in the footage itself.  He does, however, suggest a native speaker examine the footage.

And each new story about the disappearance seems to use the same translation provided through automatic translation software.  And these programs are notorious for having difficulty with non-romantic based languages such as Mandarin and Cantonese.  Where is all the new information?

The blog “Phantoms and Monsters” suggests the events coincide with incredible accuracy with the upcoming film “Skyline” in which people are abducted by aliens from massive blue beams.  And while it may be difficult to sell people on the idea entirely just yet, it seems well within the realm of possibility.  The truth is there just is a serious absence of new information on it.  But it is possible to draw new conclusions based on what we know of the area.

First, though it may not be the most censoring country in the world, China is famous for its censorship of news on the internet.  But rather than simply leave a vacuum of information, they would more likely provide a cover story that would be conventional and convincing and leave curious onlookers satisfied that nothing is going on.  By simply removing information they would be only creating new questions.  And they would most likely know that.  There is the possibility that they do not wish to create a cover story just yet because they simply don’t know what’s going on either.  It would, however, be a fertile ground to market a film.  Then again, if it was real it’s difficult to imagine aside from the lack of coverage or cover story how it would be handled differently by authorities.