Validated Proof Of UFO BASE!!

Finally the PROOF we’ve ALL been waiting for: An Extraterrestrial Grey Base Revealed! Topic: One of the Grey’s Bases Hi, I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the base that the Greys have about 7 miles north of San Diego, near the beach? There are hybrid Greys there. The area (above land) is all military land. This has been my only conscious connection to the Greys (I am a psychic). I was driving down to San Diego for the first and only time and I sensed their presence there. The base is mostly Hybrid Greys with more human features. I am not really into the alien thing…especially with what little I have heard about the Grey’s… But I figure that this information is useless if I keep it to myself. From what I gathered from that brief experience; the military there is aware of their presence and they ARE working together (with each having their own private agendas). Any way I just thought I would pass this info along since it is of no use to me personally. Yet I am curious to know if this is common knowledge or something new. Later: Gary

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To Gary: Your information is 100% correct. There is an ET-Grey base 7 miles north by northwest of San Diego, and the “Northrop within Northrop” is well aware of this base and interact with “them” on a fairly regularly basis. The Greys “agenda”, if you will, is the hybridization of humans with the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities known as EBE’s. These well-known “hybrids” have bred up to 15 generations, and to the untrained eye they are indistinguishable to us so-called Modern Humans. This scenario with the hybrids is presenting the intelligence community with a “huge headache”. That specific information comes from a reliable National Security Agency source, since part of ETs agreement with the Pentagon was to keep track of these hybrids until they are fully integrated into our society. The ETs have NOT kept their part of this secret pact with the Global Corporate Elite faction who manages the alien-program. Thus, we really don’t know how many hybrids are living in our society. Nor are we aware of how much they control the intel. agencies, but we must surely suspect that the infiltration is massive. One really needs to ask at this juncture if we humans were ever really “in control” of our own destiny! The voluminous amount of evidence suggests that we were not, but this vital information will never make the history books or the front pages of your locally Corporate-controlled press. I have spoken with certain military and aerospace insiders who regularly work with the “real” aliens, the ones that can perform mindscans and can transmit thought-projections into people’s brains. There are many generations of the hybrids in these bases also. Apparently these hybrids will supercede the current crop of humans, present company included, I’m afraid to say.

This conundrum has the Pentagon, the NSC, NSA, NASA and the Security Council “bent out of shape,” and I for one really can’t blame them this time! Oh sure, the Global Corporate Elite have “screwed up (polluted) this majestic planet for the short-term gains of a few greed-heads” as proclaimed by the Over-Seers. But on the other hand, most people on this planet are of a decent sort, the kind that would help those in their time of need. But if ETs want to replace us, so be it, what can we really do about it anyway? The ETs can always use their fiendish “time-machines” to change a thing here and thing there to get their ways. And we know they do this on a fairly regular basis, often without being detected, except by Yours Truly (and certain factions of the NSA). If you do decide to scout out these Grey-ET bases, try to bring an extra-large wool blanket with you. They have those floating spy-cam “orbs” that guard their clandestine bases, but if your throw a blanket over one, they will usually come crashing down to the ground. That will be your one chance to sneak in. If you happen to run into a Grey ET, try to avoid gazing in their HUGE BLACK EYES. Remember to also bring a mirror with you so you can aim it in front of their Reptilian faces to give them, as Gen. Borman Killemall explained to me, “a taste of their own medicine.” That reverse-mirror maneuver will buy you some time. The ETs have strong vibratory powers, but they are fallible and we can exploit their weaknesses, what few they may have! Now if you are able to get to the 23rd level underground, give me a call. That’s where the Greys keep their 11th-deminsional inter-stellar crafts and various anti-gravitic gyro-spatial galactic transports. Do not under any circumstance fool with their time-warp equipment. The last time that happen, some stupid UFO debunker put all of Earth into a causality loop which took me 200 trillion-trillion years to get us back to the present, which is still screwed up! So best of luck to you, Psy Guy, and please keep all of us posted on what happens. I’d go with you in a minute of course, but I’m working on an alternative plan in case you don’t succeed with “Operation: Invade San Diego Grey Base.” But I have total confidence that you will accomplish your mission. I’ll have General Borman Killemall “brief” you on the finer details before your suicide, I mean serious assignment! I have a strong “feeling” that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, or the end of a very old one, depending on whose hands are on the time-machine equipment. You dig? Hope that helped, Sir Arthur C. Wholeflaffer A.S.A. (Anti-Debunking Unit)