Vancouver UFO Expert on UK radio tonight at 9:30PM PST

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Vancouver UFO expert Jon Kelly to be featured on UK radio tonight at 9:30PM PST. Photo: Jon KellyVancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly joins radio host Paul Coyte on the UK’s More Music Breakfast Show
tonight at 9:30pm PST. The world-renowned Speech Analyst will release
an exclusive report to the public featuring secret messages encrypted
backwards in the remarks of top British newsmakers. Topics to be covered
will include secrets from Julian Assange’s UFO Cablegate, pop star
Robbie Williams’ paranormal connections, Bonnybridge Councillor Billy
Buchanan’s UFO’s, radio personality Richie Firth’s UFO sighting,
Rendlesham Forest Incident secrets as well as the marriage proposal of a
British mystery soldier.

Jon Kelly is a professional Speech Analyst whose bold reporting of key Iraq War intelligence 2 years in advance of 2003’s US-led “Shock and Awe”
strikes against Baghdad propelled his work into the international
spotlight. A former CBS Radio feature producer (for WXPT in Minneapolis,
MN), Mr. Kelly is an advanced meditation practitioner whose training under yogic monks began while he was studying music in New York during the late 1980’s. His intensive long-term focus on spiritual practices combined with proven skills at detecting secret messages encrypted within the reflections of human speech signals provide the foundation for his international Vancouver-based clinical practice
… Developed in tandem with his audio research, Jon Kelly’s unique
paranormal imaging catalog documents evidence for higher consciousness
and UFO contact through rare photographic and video recordings.

will be providing live coverage of Jon Kelly’s upcoming appearance at a
Vancouver conference this month via Ustream.tv pay-per-view. The conference will feature an expert panel
including Exopolitics founder, Alfred Webre and Remote Viewing trainer,
Paul Elder. Tickets for this special online interactive event held
February 25th and 26th will be available at Ustream.tv.

About Tonight’s Report

Examiner.com’s report of how Wikileaks founder Julian Assange
unconsciously released intelligence regarding the ET presence on Earth
was recently noted by Forbes.com. The story in Forbes’ Firewall security blog
stated how “[T]he UFO community has … suggested that he may have
subconsciously revealed backwards encrypted messages about aliens in his
60 Minutes interview …”. Forbes.com is cited as the “Homepage for the
World’s Business Leaders.”

The British Sun newspaper has claimed that pop star Robbie Williams believes his Hollywood mansion is haunted.
“A pal said: “The dogs can see it. Its nickname is Bertie. They believe
it’s a man from the beginning of the 20th Century. “Rob likes to
imagine him in a suit holding a martini glass. In 2009 Robbie claimed he
felt a spectral presence at his Wiltshire mansion. He has also seen