Video: Armed Witnesses Hunt Down Creature

Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by admin

A series of videos uploaded to Youtube this week have some of the most dramatic images ever captured as two witnesses arm themselves with a .22 caliber rifle, set out to find the creature recently stalking their property, and actually find it.  The video ends with them retreating as the creature stares down at them from the trees and gives a bloodcurdling screech.  Even skeptics admit the video is compelling, but is it conclusive enough to be proof?  Perhaps the most incredible aspect is that this story is unfolding even now with another encounter every other day.

User Chonecom uploaded these haunting clips captured over the past few nights.  The videos, which we’ve been monitoring since the first one was uploaded several days ago, seem to suggest there’s something eerily spectacular going on in the area surrounding this witness’ property.  And the three most dramatic videos show strange behavior that actually seems fitting for how a person would react when faced with an unknown creature such as this.  But is it nothing more than a hoax, or is it something more?

Videos include one where the witness runs outside to find the creature scrambling over his roof, another where he goes out into the woods behind his house and is armed only with a camera, another where the creature runs after him after he spots it a third time, another where he encounters something eerie after descending into a culvert, and yet another where a friend of his accompanies him as they resolve to go out into the woods and hunt it down.  Not all videos end quite so dramatically as the one where he is chased by the creature, but the video quality in most of them is unmistakable.  Something unusual is definitely ongoing here.

But with so many hoaxes in recent years, it’s difficult for some to get behind evidence as spectacular as this.  Questions like, “Why haven’t the authorities been contacted?” and “How can these encounters be happening so regularly?” have arisen.  Of course the first is easy enough as authorities would be apprehensive to believe such an incredible encounter.  Just looking at the video it’s clear very few would be willing to venture out to confirm if it was real.  If it isn’t, the creature simply “won’t appear.”  If it is, the creature will appear – and that’s not a tempting scenario for many either.

Accompanying this mysterious bipedal figure is a haunting and some would say inhuman screech that echoes through the trees.  Some have suggested this is nothing more than an elaborate hoax – possibly recorded from another animal and digitally altered.  No one has come forward with any supporting evidence to this theory, however – and it seems fairly unlikely as far as theories go.

So what is it then?  Are we looking at the dawn of a new cryptid?  And why have other sightings very similar to this one been popping up in recent months?  Even if we don’t have the answers yet, there are plenty more disturbing questions to accompany these videos.

Warning: This video may be disturbing to some viewers.