Video Claims Alien Captured on Film

A video uploaded to Youtube claims to show an extraterrestrial standing out near an outdoor overhang by Lookout Mountain.  The video comes in the form of a response to a letter received by the creator – whose voice is nonetheless disguised.  The shocking claim he makes, however, is photographic evidence of an extraterrestrial standing at the side of the road wearing a dark cloak.  What do you think?

While we’re used to seeing blurry images of unidentified craft and beings, the photos of actual alleged aliens are often the most interesting – and certainly the most chilling.  And while the video is from a few years ago, the jury is still out on its authenticity.

And several questions about the photograph remain.  In the Youtube video you can see the photograph fairly clearly at some points with the being in question often superimposed next to a sketch sent in by one of the uploader’s viewers.

The sketch is simple enough, showing what appears to be one of the ubiquitous alien Greys standing wearing a peculiar and menacing looking cloak complete with upturned collar with curved edges.  While the being’s attire looks strange, even stranger is the story behind a photograph of what appears to be the same.

The narrator of the video states that he took an expedition out to capture photos of aliens and even had some limited success, but then forgot about it shortly after snapping one of the best photos he had ever seen.  That alone may give some skeptics pause.  He goes on to state that the photo was taken with a long exposure, lasting one second after setting the camera in a secure and stationary place.

A full second of open exposure for the image means any movements taking place in the camera would have been picked up.  For a comparison, people walking in front of a camera with the aperture open for a second would appear as a ghostly white streak walking across the frame.  On the other hand, people standing perfectly still would appear far less blurry.  The fact that the being in this image does not appear blurry suggests it is most likely completely stationary.

There is very little in the way of explanation for the photograph aside from what is in the video.  It appears the photographer had some success snapping pictures of unexplained beings, but abandoned the idea shortly afterward due to a lack of demand.  This, coupled with the viewer’s lapse in memory may be enough to warrant skepticism, but it’s still an interesting photo at the very least.  And while it may not be much in the way of actual evidence, it can easily be filed in that big folder labeled “questionable, but interesting.”

One final note about the photo is that it is fairly distant.  The photographer appears to be back far away from it.  And with the subject in question in the picture, it’s difficult to determine whether the alleged alien was an intended target of the photographer’s or if it was noticed only afterward.