Video: Massive Glittering UFO Above New York

With hurricane Irene now battering the east coast we hope for the best for the millions now facing the devastating winds and storms of this strange climate, but at least one possibly storm related bit of news comes out from New York as several lights spotted above the city turned out to be unidentified, but incredibly eerie.  The lights were moving in formation and generally fitting in a rough diamond shape as they swirled ahead of the massive tropical storm this week.  But as experts and skeptics look at the objects, the only thing certain in this bizarre case seems to be the mystery that pervades every aspect of its appearance.  Just what is it?

The object, which first appeared in the skies above a crowded New York street started with a few lights which eventually gathered and grew gradually brighter and more numerous.  As the objects continued to appear, the mystery of the objects’ origins led witnesses to pull out their cell phones and start catching the mystery on video.  But as the events around the video began to unfold it was immediately apparent that what was going on was no ordinary weather balloon.  Soon the skies seemed full of the mysterious glittering lights, which filled the inky void ahead of the tremendous tropical storm.

The video has been uploaded to Youtube, and yet despite the incredible visibility and the interest the public has in the subject of UFOs and their possible occupants, because it was only uploaded in the past few hours its views number only in the hundreds.  Despite this, it is one of the most perplexing pieces of footage from the region in several weeks.  And as far as UFO sightings before the storm go, it is only one of several.

Other witnesses have reported seeing strange spherical metallic orbs and glowing lights hovering above the city.  Even NASA reportedly had an appearance by a strange shaped craft that was seen passing in front of the ISS as footage was being gathered of the tropical storm down below.  Are these phenomena somehow related to the incident or are they independent of it?  We can only tell that the storm has had several UFO sightings related to it – many of which appear to have craft that are capable of moving against the winds, hover completely still, or even soar through the void of space.

But even these have their skeptical detractors.  The space footage, according to skeptics, is merely space debris falling off the ISS.  The metallic spheres may just be weather balloons moving against the wind only as an optical illusion rather than actually traveling into them.  But this piece of footage does not have any known explanation.  Despite the fact that the object was seen by multiple witnesses and caught on tape, however, it has failed to reach mainstream attention in the wake of the tropical storm.  Perhaps in time it will be remembered, but until then few will get the opportunity to speculate on just what this strange incident could have been caused by.