Visitor to the “Doomsday Town” Films UFO

When visitors started descending on the town of Bugarach in the southwest of France, those involved in the city’s tourism were confused to say the least.  Those packing their bags and heading to the village of approximately 200 began looking to the place as a spiritual adventure where they hoped to participate in an obscure prophecy that centered around the Mayan calendar, an alignment of planets, and a possible end to the very Earth itself.  And now visitors to the mountain have captured footage of what they say is proof that the town is being closely monitored by extraterrestrials as well.

It’s difficult to find Bugarach in the mainstream media without hearing of concerns about a “Heaven’s Gate” style mass suicide.  Locals have voiced concern over the mass migration to their sleepy town with mayor Jean-Pierre Delord describing the visitors as “fanatics.”  Miviludes is known in French as the “Mission interministérielle de lutte contre les sectes” or “Interministerial Mission in the Fight Against Cults”  The organization fears what visitors may do if the wrong voices grow to prominence within its numbers – which are growing by the day.  But as the number of visitors tips the scales at 100,000, a photograph has appeared that shows a strange object hovering over the village has come out – with its own fair share of controversy.

The object was apparently filmed just over the Pic de Bugarach where many visitors have reported seeing a number of objects over time.  The footage taken shows a strange metallic disc hovering over the mountain tops.  Soon it passes further away where it becomes more difficult to see.  The object bears a striking resemblance to footage seen elsewhere reporting to show a disc shaped UFO in mid-flight in rural areas throughout the world.  Is this footage of an extraterrestrial craft?  Believers say yes.

A few notes about the object in question noted by viewers does bring up some interesting points.  The size relative to the mountain seems to suggest a considerably large object, though it is very far away.  The object seems to appear either camouflaged or hiding behind a rock when it passes into view.  The camera points directly at where the object will appear just before it becomes visible and starts moving just as the camera blurs out for only a moment.

Is this an extraterrestrial craft attempting to navigate discreetly through the mountains?  Since additional information about the footage out of context is unavailable, viewers will have to decide for themselves.  But there is one possibility posited by a viewer that seems worth noting.  Just as Miviludes and the local government have voiced concern over the sudden influx of people in Bugarach, the object itself may have occupants that are equally concerned about the influence their presence could have on the public.

UFO watchers have suggested for years that an object could appear at any time and at any place.  Is the appearance of an unidentified flying disc at the site of this mass migration coincidence, hoax, or something more?