Visitors from outer space

A number of eye witness accounts from people who make their claim to fame via sightings of unidentified flying objects or UFOs and aliens make the rounds regularly. There are many people from different parts of the world who swear by flying saucers and space men, so like those made famous in films like ET, Star Wars and Independence Day. Or have the eyewitness accounts made the movie graphics seem surreal? Aliens or our visitors from outer space find ample space here on earth amidst controversy, and the accounts on record give these unearthly beings very earthly faculties. Eye witnesses, who claim to have been in contact and in some cases abducted by the aliens or space men, mention the higher powers of these beings. Their ability to communicate via telepathy is common to all accounts. When it comes to their vehicles, the flying saucers, as they are sometimes called are always described as these huge discs in the night sky that are maneuvered at incredible speed. The crafts are in all accounts, lit up and unlike the aircrafts we know, there are no flickering lights on the unidentified flying objects. 

The unidentified flying objects or UFOs and aliens are no more brushed aside as debatable or questionable because the same science that is used to argue against them is also being harnessed to establish the possibility of life on other planets. The probe into the visits by unidentified flying objects or UFOs and aliens has been hyped within many movies and sci-fi best sellers. There are a number of takers or believers of the concept and very enthusiastic night sky watchers, who follow every flicker in the purple yonder. These visits from other planets have also found another domain to rule on planet earth: Gaming and toys. There are dedicated manufacturers and gaming arcades the world over designed to give youngsters and adults alike the feel of such an experience. 

The topic of unidentified flying objects or UFOs and aliens has been and continues to be a topic of debate, especially by the authorities at NASA, who are still in search for evidence and clues.

There are a number of online and offline resources that offer enthusiasts pictures and content on unidentified flying objects or UFOs and aliens that are on record. The sites also provide the arguments for and against the topic, for the people themselves to form their personal views. There are also a number of virtual libraries with the oldest and recent records in well indexed versions for daily updates on the determination whether the topic of unidentified flying objects or UFOs and aliens is fact or fiction! 

Whether we believe the account or not, we cannot deny the fact that the mere thought of such an occurrence is enough to initiate a brain storming session and send your pulse racing. Irrespective if they have visited us or have any intentions of doing so in future, if they exist, our neighbors from outer space have definitely captivated our imagination.