Wackenhut Helicopter Conspiracy- UFO Coverup

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Conspiracy report on helicopter crash in July 1991 in which several Wackenhut
employees were killed.

The origin of this post is unclear. It was passed to me by [email protected]
who says he picked it up from alt.alien.visitors. — Glenn Campbell, 8/6/95.


The following article comes from the ‘TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT’, Nov.-Dec.,
1991 issue:

“The death of a journalist in West Virginia, plus the jailing of an
alleged CIA computer consultant in Washington State may be elements of a much
wider scandal that could have serious implications for the Bush White House in

“What started out as an investigation of an apparent case of pirated
software has grown to be a project involving hundreds of journalists all over
the world.

“The dead journalist, Joseph Daniel ‘Danny’ Casolaro was found dead
August 10th in a motel room in West Virginia. His wrists were slashed seven
times on each wrist and a suicide note was found nearby. The only manuscript of
his book, with accompanying notes, WAS MISSING.

“The book, provisionally titled ‘The Octopus’, was meant to be an
explosive expose of misdeeds by the Justice Department under the Reagan
administration. Time Magazine also reported that Casolaro’s research centered on
gambling and attempted arms deals at the Cabazon reservation near Indio
(California – Branton).

“Indeed, the scope of Casolaro’s investigation was so large that any one
of a large number of areas of research could have been the trigger for a
possible hit.

“While authorities declared his death a suicide, his relatives
definitely stated that Casolaro’s mental state was sound, indeed upbeat, after
the completion of his book.

“Casolaro started his work nearly two years before, investigating the
bankrupting of a small computer software company called Inslaw, allegedly by the
U.S. Justice Department. INSLAW, a company headed by Bill and Nancy Hamilton of
Washington D.C., had developed a package known as PROMIS–short for Prosecutor’s
Management Information System–to act as a case management tool for the Justice
Department’s unwieldy work load.

“Inslaw President Bill Hamilton [NOT the well-known UFO researcher –
Branton] has claimed that Ed Meese associate EARL BRIAN was given control of
pirated versions of the PROMIS software by Meese to sell back to different U.S.
government agencies for great profit. Two courts have so far agreed with
Hamilton awarding an 8 million dollar judgement, but a higher court of appeal
has quashed the award and the verdict, declaring that it was not the
jurisdiction of the lower courts. As of October 9, the case has moved into the
realm of the Supreme Court.


“According to a Washington man, who claims to have modified the cobol-based
software for the CIA and other intelligence agencies, the software was a reward
for Earl Brian’s role in arranging the so- called ‘October Surprise’ gambit, the
alleged conspiracy to withhold the American hostages in Iran until after the
1980 election which saw Carter removed from power. The ‘October Surprise’
scandal has taken some time to emerge.

“In a Paris meeting, President Bush is alleged to have met with Ali
Akabar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament, Mohammed Ali
Rajai, the future President of Iran and Manucher Ghorbanifar, an Iranian arms
dealer with connections to Mossad, according to Navy Captain Gunther Russbacher
who claims to have flown Bush, William Casey–the CIA chief–and Donald Gregg, a
CIA operative to that location. Russbacher, who made these allegations in May is
now in jail on Terminal Island, convicted on the charge of impersonating a U.S.

“The Washington man is MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO who is now waiting for a
trial in a Washington jail on conspiracy to sell drugs charges, charges which
Riconosciuto claims are manufactured. Indeed, the charge made against
Riconosciuto were made one week after Riconosciuto authored and signed an
affidavit describing his role in modifying the pirated software.

“The affidavit also claimed that he had been contacted by phone and
threatened by PETER VIDENIEKS, a Justice Department employee and Customs
official, who Riconosciuto alleged had intelligence ties, as to the possible
consequences of his going public with certain information.

“According to Riconosciuto, Videnieks was a frequent visitor to the
Cabazon Indian reservation near Palm Springs and visited with tribal manager,
John P. Nichols. Nichols was in essence Riconosciuto’s boss in a number of
enterprises conducted on reservation land and the PROMIS modification was just
one of these projects. According to Riconosciuto, in an interview with T.C.
conducted from jail, the PROMIS software was modified to install a backdoor
access for use by American intelligence services. The software was then sold to
88 different countries as a sort of ‘trojan horse’ package enabling us to access
their intelligence systems. According to Riconosciuto these countries included
Iraq and Libya.

“Correspondence between Nichols and other companies, if authentic,
indicates that Riconosciuto’s claims of his expertise in the area of electronics
and armaments appear to be true.
Marshall Riconoscuito, Michael’s father is a reputed former business partner of
Richard Nixon.

“According to Riconosciuto, the fuzzy status of reservation land as
‘sovereign’ allowed elements of the CIA and organized crime to conduct business

“Among the projects worked on during this time were joint projects with
WACKENHUT, a company loaded with former CIA and NSA personnel and business
ventures with the Saudi Arabian royal family and other unusual projects.

“A joint venture with Southern California Edison will soon be generating
power for bio-mass drawn from local waste outlets. Biological warfare projects
were investigated with Stormont laboratories looking into the creation of
‘pathogenic viruses’ and enhanced fuel-air explosive weapons were created and
tested in league with Meridian Arms at the NEVADA TESTING RANGE which matched
the explosive power of nuclear devices.

“These enhanced weapons gained their power from polarizing the molecules
in the gas cloud by modification of the electric field, a technology developed
from exploring Thomas Townsend Brown’s suppressed work, a knowledge which
Riconosciuto claims he gained from working at LEAR in Reno, Nevada.

“Riconosciuto is said to have worked on the enhanced fuel- air explosive
weapons with Gerald Bull of Space Research Corporation. Bull, now deceased,
later became an arms advisor to Saddam Hussein. It is said that HUSSEIN

“In July, Anson Ng, a reporter for the Financial Times of London was
shot and killed in Guatemala. He had reportedly been trying to interview an
American there named Jimmy Hughes, a one- time director of security for the
Cabazon Indian Reservation secret projects.

“In April, a Philadelphia attorney named Dennis Eisman was found dead,
killed by a single bullet in his chest. According to a former federal official
who worked with Eisman, the attorney was found dead in the parking lot where he
had been due to meet with a woman who had crucial evidence to share
substantiating Riconosciuto’s claims.

“Both Eisman’s and Ng’s deaths were declared suicides by authorities.

“Fred Alvarez, a Cabazon tribal leader who was in vocal opposition to
the developments on the reservation, was found shot to death with two friends in
1981. Their murder remains unsolved.

“The leader of the House, Thomas Foley, announced last month that a
formal inquiry will be initiated into the Inslaw case.
Foley appointed Senator Terry Sanford as co-chairman of the joint congressional
panel. Prior to his election, Senator Sanford was the attorney representing Earl
Brian in his 1985 takeover bid for United Press International and was
instrumental in appointing Earl Brian, a medical doctor, to the board of Duke
Medical School, of which Sanford is President.

“However, despite repeated requests from journalists to produce
photographs showing Riconosciuto together with Brian, and requests to produce
his passport showing his alleged trip to Iran, he has not yet done so. Also
Riconosciuto failed to be able to describe Peter Videnieks to CNN’s Moneyline
program, claiming a medical condition prevented him from remembering clearly.

“This led one former intelligence operative to speculate that we may be
witnessing a very sophisticated intelligence operation being played out in

“Former F.B.I. Special Agent, Ted Gunderson, speaks for Riconosciuto’s
credibility. Gunderson, who lives in Manhattan Beach, has worked with
Riconosciuto for many years in his capacity as private investigator.

“Together, according to Gunderson, they were responsible for thwarting a
terrorist operation during the Los Angeles Olympics. According to Gunderson,
Riconosciuto was well known in certain circles as a genius in almost all

“The so-called drug operation broken up in Washington State was an
electrohydrodynamic mining operation claimed Gunderson, using Townsend Brown
technology. A videotape viewed by this journalist revealed metallic powders and
apparent processes unrelated to drug manufacture.
Indeed, a government analysis of soil samples revealed the absence of drug
contamination, but a high concentration of barium. Barium is often found in high
voltage related work.

“Unsubstantiated information from an intelligence source claims that the
current situation is the visible effect OF A WAR CURRENTLY GOING ON IN THE
INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY between a group centered in the CIA called Aquarius
(around a powerful center known as MJ-12) and a group known as COM-12 centered
around Naval Intelligence.
COM-12 is reputedly trying to sustain a rearguard action to sustain and preserve
constitutional government and is deliberately LEAKING INFORMATION damaging to
the former group.” (Take note of William ‘Bill’ Cooper’s pro-constitution,
anti-MJ/12 writings and his past association with high levels of Naval
Intelligence – Branton)

In the same publication, same issue, there appeared a small article just
following the one quoted above.
Written by Thomas Zed, the article, titled “WACKENHUT’S CONNECTION WITH THE

“The Wackenhut company has a very close connection to the world of BLACK
BUDGET PROJECTS. Besides being connected with the Cabazon venture mentioned in
this issue it is also responsible, according to jailed computer consultant
The Underground Labs near Dulce are alleged to be tied-in with the Department of
Energy, Rand Corp, Los Alamos Labs, MJ-12 and other ‘secret government’
controlled military-industrial organizations. It is believed to be the largest
underground laboratory of it’s kind in the United States, and perhaps the world
– Branton)

“After sending two of my colleagues there recently AND RECEIVING
call the newspaper office and make an educated bluff.

“I identified myself as a freelance reporter from Los Angeles–and told
the newspaper that I was doing a story on the Cabazon reservation biological
warfare projects that had been undertaken there on behalf of the CIA. I told her
that I had heard that there were similar things being done in Dulce and would
like to know what was going on.

“The official I spoke to BECAME FRIGHTENED and said, ‘I can’t talk to
you about that! It would be very unprofessional of me to talk to you about that.
You’ll have to speak to the President of the tribe.’
She then hung up.

“I have yet to call back and ask the President of the tribe, but will
report on that in the next issue.

“Wackenhut is also responsible for security of a lot of UNDERGROUND
FACILITIES in California and Nevada, including the notorious S-4 or Area 51 in
Nevada where Townsend Brown flying disk technology (written about in a T.C.
recent issue) has been flying and developing for decades.

“A recent helicopter crash at the area, where two pilots and three
security guards from Wackenhut flying in a Messerschmit BO-105 helicopter were
killed was not at all accidental claimed Riconosciuto, who said that the
individuals aboard the helicopter were traveling with sensitive documents.

“Groups are now investigating Riconosciuto’s claims.”

* * *

On Oct. 20, 1991, California researcher Michael Lindemann, founder of ‘The
20/20 Group’, gave a lecture before a large crowd of interested investigators
which seems to confirm much of that which appears above.
Mr. Lindemann began his address by saying:

“How many of your saw the program on CBS Network on May 17th (1991)
called ‘ABDUCTION’? It was narrated by James Earl Jones. It was really quite a
remarkable program, it took the subject of abduction absolutely seriously. This
was prime time network, CBS. Of course FOX (network) has done a number of other
programs and there have been some outstanding UFO segments on ‘UNSOLVED
MYSTERIES’. But last night, maybe even a little more remarkable than the FOX
1-hour special, was what came on the news right after. Because in the Fox
Network news program that followed in the 10 o’clock segment there was a hard
news story about the allegation that the United States government is ‘doing
business’ with greys. I have never seen anything like it… it was a very
impressive indication of the way in which this subject is suddenly becoming O.K.
to talk about. That says to me there has been a switch ‘at the top’…

“In our conversation today I use two terms… and the first of these
terms is ‘government’. We speak of the government as if it is a single thing. It
is hardly that. It is actually a hodge-podge of… power-struggling people, but
I would like to break it up into two main categories, and that is: 1) The
government that we consider to be our duly constituted, our elected and
appointed representatives who attempt as best they can to run a semblance of
order or Federal government which follows the dictates of the constitution of
the United States. The constitution is, after all, a darn good piece of paper,
it is one of the best ever written… If only our government were capable of
behaving in even… a resemblance of what is intended in the constitution,
probably few of us would have a great deal to gripe about…

“Now that they’ve failed to do that is not only because they are
fallible humans, but also because they are undermined by another government.
There is indeed another government operating and that government has immense
power and operates primarily behind the scenes. And some other researchers have
called it the ‘secret government’, some have called it the ‘high cabal’. And it
is a group of people, a very elite group, non-elected, self- appointed people
who guide the evolution of (government) policy from behind the scenes. These are
people who transcend partisan politics, indeed who transcend the rule of law,
and have no thought whatsoever toward the dictates of the constitution.

“These are people who regard themselves as the only true guardians or
crafters of geo-political reality. And they regard us, indeed they regard
elected officials as ‘mere mortals’. These people are the self- appointed
‘OLYMPIANS’. They have done many things in the name of an agenda which is their
own, that we would consider appalling and reprehensible.
Indeed things that are criminal, but they’re more than criminal because they
have sapped and usurped the rights and privileges and the possibilities of our
These people are running a king of ‘end game’ right now. They are trying to
determine how ‘they’ will survive the end time.
Whether that end time comes as a kind of biblical apocalypse or… as the
catastrophic collapse of the environment… the (so-called) ‘population bomb’
and all the other things.. whether it comes as a collapse of the banking- system
which looks to be only days away, or the collapse of the rest of the world’s
economy – there are many things that could get us.

“And these people in effect are building their own version of ‘Noah’s
Ark’. And that ‘Noah’s Ark’ they’re building is underground. Underground bases,
indeed all over the world, but particularly here in the United States. Huge
underground bases that have actually festooned the underground geography of our
continent in a way that would probably stun and shock you. But they even have an
underground government, because you see when the government topside is no longer
functional because a nuclear bomb lands on Capital Hill, or whether it comes
simply because the chaos has reached a point where they must abandon ship, there
is preparation as there has been for decades for continuity of government, all
the computers, all the personnel are currently in place and operating around the
clock. Yes, they are there friends, we have another government in waiting, a
government that you never authorized, that you never said we would pay for, that
has cost a CALLOSAL FORTUNE, but it’s there underground, ready to take over. And
indeed, here in our area, I have focused on the Lancaster (CA) area as an
example of one of the many… but even in Lancaster in particular, we know for
certain are huge underground bases. These are not only places where incredible
research is underway but also places where people will go to live when the
‘bleep’ hits the blades as they say. And, these are places that are capable of
supporting on an ongoing basis some tens of thousands of people.
And so across the country it may be possible to ‘save’ an ‘elect’ remnant of
some hundreds of thousands of people who will be the ‘cream’ of the civilization
that is meant to survive the apocalypse or the downfall… or whatever it is
that’s out there getting us. ‘Mere mortals’ will have to fend for themselves.
The expectation is, part of the end game is, (that those on the surface) will
eventually fight each other into a draw or will die of exhaustion or starvation
or brutality. And that eventually the ‘mere mortals’ will (destroy) themselves
and rid the world of excess population, so that the ‘cream’, the ‘remnant’ will
come forward and claim their ‘rightful’ place…
I must say that there is an immense amount of evidence which does support this
exact scenario.

“Let’s talk about the term ‘aliens’, because there are those who claim
that there are ‘aliens’ among us… There are at least… three kinds of aliens
represented in the evidence available to us… (he explains these as those
presently inhabiting other planetary bodies such as the greys; those hidden
among us such as human-like beings who inhabit underground, undersea and in some
cases other-planetary regions yet who often walk unnoticed in our societies; and
paraphysical entities who inhabit another ‘dimension’ other than the one we see
with our physical sight – Branton) And I think the evidence is very strong that
there is a profound ‘alien’ presence among us… these are people who are here,
beings who are here, in large numbers…

“But there is this government that has known about the alien presence
for a long time, a government that has been playing an ‘end game’. A government
that has an agenda of concealment and control, that is operated by terror. In
Lancaster, that agenda of concealment and control is what I call the ‘Lancaster
Syndrome’. It produces strange distortions in many peoples lives…

“First let me tell you about a man who sits today in Pierce County jail
outside of Tacoma, Washington. This man’s name is Michael Riconosciuto.”

Lindemann states that Riconosciuto formerly worked for a corporation called
Wackenhut which provides special security protection for high-security areas
such as the Nevada Test Site.
Michael R. claims that the real reason he was sent to jail was because he swore
out an affidavit against the Dept. of Justice.
In that affidavit he explained that the U.S. Dept of Justice had ‘swindled’ the
private company INSLAW out of a proprietary software called PROMIS. This
software was a database designed to track special groups of people according to
various characteristics. It was a very powerful, very capable database.
INSLAW developed this in the early 1980’s and took it to the Dept. of Justice
thinking it would be a good law enforcement software.
The Dept. of Justice would be most useful in helping to track terrorists and
other troublemakers. They realized that if they could get control of the
software, according to Michael R., they could sell it to other countries and
make huge profits.

“So the Dept. of Justice allegedly made a deal with the INSLAW Corp. for
an exclusive on the PROMIS software, and then they drove INSLAW into bankruptcy
by refusing to pay. Lindemann continues:

“The amazing thing is that they were caught. And in 1988 BARONS magazine
in the April 4th (1991) issue…
contained this fairly astonishing piece of news: ‘Presiding judge in the
bankruptcy hearing was judge George Basing.’ According to BARONS, Judge Basing
had found that the justice dept. had personally propelled INSLAW into bankruptcy
in an effort to steal it PROMIS software through ‘Trickery, deceit and fraud.’
On Feb. 2, 1988, Basing ordered the justice dept. to pay INSLAW about 6.8
million dollars (no doubt to be ultimately financed by the friendly American
taxpayer – Branton). He postponed at that time a decision on punitive damages
which could run as high as $25,000,000. And as it happens, all of that is all in
appeal. The justice dept. was not at all pleased with that ruling. It does state
that justice is in a sorry state in America. If you didn’t know that already, I
hope this helps you to understand.”

Michael was responsible for doing the modifications on the PROMIS software
before selling that software to the Canadian government after it was ‘stolen’
from INSLAW, and so he had an inside track on this information.

“He explained,” Lindemann continues, “that the Dept. of
Justice, among other things, prevailed on him in Feb. of this year (1991) not to
offer his information in the ongoing lawsuit. One Dept. of Justice official by
the name of Peter Videnicks state that if he would cooperate with this request
they could promise him certain benefits…” including an assurance given by
a Dept. of Justice employee of a favorable outcome in a prolonged custody battle
between Michael R. and his ex-wife.
According to Michael R., the Dept., of Justice “‘…also outlined specific
punishments that I could expect to receive…
if I did cooperate with the House Judiciary Committee!’

“Now this is just an indicator,” Lindemann states, “that the
Dept. of Justice definitely has it’s own idea of the meaning of justice.”

Michael Riconosciuto went ahead and swore out an affidavit against the
Justice Dept. alleging grand larceny against the INSLAW Corp. Lindemann stated
that none of the threatened punishments ever came about as they found an easier
way to frame him, “that is, they busted (framed) him for drugs, and now he
sits facing a possible life sentence in the Pierce Co. Jail. But because of that
he’s very, very scared because he knows now that these guys will take-him-out
whenever they darn well feel like it. And so he’s talking, he’s talking in every
way he can… In particular we wanted to ask Michael R. something about some of
the things going on at the underground bases. I’d like to read you just a little
bit of what Michael Riconosciuto told us recently about that. I asked him, what
did he know about the underground bases in the Lancaster area. I’m going to
quote now our conversation:

“He said, ‘Well, there’s extensive stuff in… I call it the ‘Edwards
position’, and then at Nellis over in Nevada, and at the Nevada Test Site.’
Then he went on to say, ‘Last summer I had a group of guys bagging a whole bunch
of files and records, and some equipment out of Wackenhut and they had a
helicopter loaded to the nuts and they got shot down before they could get out
of there.’

“I don’t know how many of you noticed,’ Lindemann continues, “but
there was an article in the LOS ANGELES TIMES, the 24th of July of this year –
accident which had ever occurred in the history of the Test Site.
Five people were killed when this helicopter went down, and the FAA and the DOE
and the National Transportation and safety board all converged on the Nuclear
Test Site to figure out what brought this copter down. But you may be ASSURED
that they will never tell you because it was SHOT down by Wackenhut, and it
contained two pilots and 3 Wackenhut personnel according to the article in the

“I said, ‘I heard about that. Are you saying that that was a group of,
let’s say, renegades from the inside who were trying to bolt for the blue and
WACKENHUT shot them down? Is that your allegation?’ And he said,


“And I said, ‘Is there anything more that you can say about this?’ He

“‘Not on the phone.’

“I said, ‘Were you aware of that before it happened?’

“He said, ‘Yes. I told a handful of people that we were hoping to get a
big stash of stuff out of there.’

“I said, ‘Were they trying to get out of Nellis?’

“He said, ‘No, not Nellis, off the Nuclear Test Site.’

“And the information they were trying to get out, what did it pertain

“And he said, ‘Guess! I don’t even want to talk about it. The worst!’

“And I said, ‘The very worst. hugh?’

“And he said, ‘yep’.

“Now I don’t know of the ‘very worst,’ do you? I mean I’m not really
sure, but it seemed to me, judging from other things that we had talked with
Mike about and some of the other things that we’ve heard from witnesses in the
underground bases… the ‘very worst’ could be one of two main possibilities in
my book… The very worst #1) – Really nasty, scary alien stuff. The very worst
#2) – Really nasty, scary bio-tech… bio-engineering stuff. There’s all kinds
of genetic engineering, some of which has to do with the ‘creation’ of
biological warfare agents, some of which has to do with the ‘creation’ of
strange bacteria, and perhaps new strains of chimpanzees and (perhaps) people.
There are very, very weird experiments going on, and I thought, ‘O.K., fine,
maybe one or the other of those things.’

“But our conversation continued and it leaned in one direction so let’s
just see what he had to say next.

“I said, ‘One of your associates seemed to indicate that there was
technology operating that would have the appearance of flying saucers, but be
absolutely terrestrial. Can you comment on that?’

“And he said, ‘Sure, we had some propulsion devices that were, let’s
say, rather astounding.’

“I said, ‘Is this stuff operational?’ And he said ‘Oh, yes, it’s

“I said, ‘O.K., so there are vehicles. Would you say that they belonged
in the arsenal, or are they part of a sort of gee- whiz lunatic fringe of

“And he said, ‘Oh no, they’re part of the arsenal. It’s not lunatic
fringe stuff, it’s all well-funded, it’s all very real. I’ve worked on portions
of it, I’ve worked on teams that have worked on this stuff, and I’ve seen with
my own eyes. The only thing that I have been shielded from, is any REAL (alien)
contact. That I’ve never been brought directly in contact with, in fact, that
part has been minimized to me.’
(According to many, a malevolent race of non- human ‘alien’ entities tied-in
with the secret government are the TRUE motivators behind many of the control
scenarios against mankind, and that many in the secret government have ‘sold’
themselves and their services to this invading army and act as a type of ‘fifth
column’, in exchange for certain ‘physical’ benefits – Branton).

“And I said to him, ‘In the way you’ve said that, I get the impression
that you assume that there are extraterrestrials (i.e.
‘aliens’) around.’

“And he said, ‘I have no direct knowledge of that, O.K.? That’s all.
There’s alot of strange technology, there’s alot of extra-heavy security, O.K.?
Anybody who breeches a certain point of security is instantly dead or

“I said, ‘Are you saying that given all the other indiscretions you’ve
shown over the years, that this one would be worst?’

“And he said, ‘Yes, I would say so.’

“I said, ‘really?’

“He said. ‘Yes, Yes! It’s like those people who were leaving the Nuclear
Test Site, they were summarily blown out of the sky.’

“Now, Michael knew (he was talking on a prison telephone – his phone was
tapped) indeed, that people who talk too loud, in too much detail about the
actual ‘alien’ situation are liable to run into severe problems. Being that he’s
already in prison and a sitting duck, he’s obviously very careful with his
words. But we have talked with some other people who have been more forthright
about what they have actually seen in the underground bases.

“One of our sources is a construction worker. He came out of Vietnam, he
was a very decorated Special Forces soldier. Among other things he got the
Congressional Medal of Honor. And because he was special forces in the
Vietnamese war, when he came back stateside he was offered all kinds of bizarre
jobs in top security. He felt that those would be too restrictive so he went
into construction instead. But because of his military record he had an inside
track on a security clearance.
He wound up doing construction in the underground bases.

“Now you see, the underground installations are built just like a
building is built. You know, you’ve got to do electrical conduit, you’ve got to
paint the walls! Whose going to do it? It’s not going to be the Secretary of
It’s going to be a guy like our guy! It’s going to be like this fellow whose got
a Congressional Medal of honor and now does special electrical conduiting
underground. So he’s told us what he saw.

“There’s a facility called Haystack Butte, it’s on the Edwards (AFB)
reservation… (Note: At this point Lindemann shows the audience a map of the
area encompassing Edwards AFB, the city of Lancaster and Palmdale to the south –
which is the sight of 542 where the B-2 bomber is assembled and alot of other
secret aircraft. All of the major aircraft and aerospace companies are located
in this area, among other places. It also showed the Tahachapi facility west of
Lancaster, nicknamed the ‘Ant Hill’, which is administered by Northrup and which
is rumored by some to house underground ‘disk’ hangers for wingless aircraft
built by the Secret-Government- Military-Industrial establishment. In the
southeast corner of Lindemann’s map the Tejon ranch was visible, which is a
large cattle ranch that goes up into the Tahachapi range to the southeast of
Bakersfield, California. He also pointed out an extensive underground facility
maintained by MacDonnell Douglas, and the Helendale Facility administered by
Lockheed. In this same general area is Haystack Butte which is ‘jointly’
administered, with North American Rockwell involved as well – Branton).

“So what we have here is a situation where you’ve got our major
aerospace companies heavily implicated. I mean this is what is meant by the
Military-Industrial Complex. These companies are HEAVILY implicated in super,
super secret projects, and at the very top they’re all cooperating together. All
the ‘bidding wars’ and every thing that you see are like mid-level smoke and
mirrors. But at the very top we’re talking about projects that are conducted by
all these different people pooling their resources, pooling their information,
and indeed pooling their money, which comes in incredible profusion from the
Black Budget.

“How many of you have seen the book ‘BLANK CHECK’?… It is not a UFO
book. I strongly recommend that you read the book ‘BLANK CHECK’ so that you can
understand something about how these projects are funded without your sayso,
indeed without the sayso of Congress. Most citizens don’t know for example that
the National Security Act of 1947 made it illegal to ever say how much money is
spent on the CIA. Indeed all of our tremendous alphabet soup collection of
Intelligence Agencies. Whether your talking about the CIA, or the NRO, or the
NSA or the DIA, etc., all of them are in the same category.

“You cannot say how much these things cost. All you can do if you want
to find out is add-up the numbers on the Budget (which is presently at a deficit
of well over 4 TRILLION dollars – Branton) that aren’t assigned to anything that
actually means anything. There are these huge categories that have tens of
billions of dollars in them that say nothing but ‘Special Projects…’ And every
year the Congress dutifully passes this bloated budget that has some
$300,000,000,000 or more with HUGE chunks of cash labeled like that – ‘Special
Projects,’ ‘Unusual Stuff.’ – Ten billion dollars. O.K., well where does the
‘unusual stuff’ money go? Well, it DOES go to ‘unusual stuff’, that’s for sure,
and one of the places it goes is that it goes into the underground bases. Indeed
TIM said recently since the publication of his book (BLANK CHECK)… MORE Black
Budget money goes into underground bases than ANY OTHER kind of work.

“Now I don’t believe that 35 billion, which is the approximate size of
the black budget money that you can find by analyzing the budget, I don’t think
that comes CLOSE to the real figure because there is absolutely unequivocal
evidence that a great deal of additional money was generated in other ways, such
as the surreptitious running of guns and drugs. And one wonderful example of
that is coming to light with the B.C.C.I. scandal which I hope you’ve heard
of… a number of very high- ranking American officials are caught in the
undertow of the BCCI tidal wave…
Even though these guys are tying to pull ‘fast ones’ on an immense scale they
are getting caught. These things don’t always work. Indeed they are very, very

Indeed this whole ‘end game’ is very vulnerable and that’s why they feel it
requires such secrecy. The American people wouldn’t stand for this stuff if they
had the information, and that’s the reason why we have to get the information
out and take it seriously because it really is a matter of our money and our
future that’s being mortgaged here.

“But my friend who worked in the underground bases, who was doing
sheetrock was down on, he thinks, approximately the 30th level underground…
these bases are perhaps 30-35 stories deep (‘ground-scrapers’ as opposed to a
‘sky-scrapers’ – Branton). As I say they are not just mine shafts, these are
huge, giant facilities… many city blocks in circumference, able to house tens
of thousands of people.
One of them, the YANO Facility (we’re told… by the county fire dept. director,
the county fire dept. chief who had to go in there to look at a minor fire
infraction) there’s a 400-car parking lot on the 1st level of the YANO Facility,
but cars never come in and out, those are the cars that they use INSIDE.

“O.K., so… a very interesting situation down there.
Our guy was doing sheetrock on the 30th floor, maybe the 30th floor,
underground. He and his crew are working on a wall and right over here is an
elevator door. The elevator door opens and, a kind of reflex action you look,
and he saw three ‘guys’. Two of them, human engineers that he’s seen before.
And between them a ‘guy’ that stood about 8 to 8 1/2 feet tall. Green skin,
reptilian features, extra-long arms, wearing a lab coat, holding a clip-board.

“…I tend to believe that story because, first of all because we have
other stories like it, but more importantly because he walked off that job that
very day. And he was getting paid a GREAT deal of money… If your basically a
sheetrock kind of guy, if you can do sheetrock in a place like that then you get
paid way more than standard sheetrock wages, you can count on it.

“So, he walked off that job. His buddy on that same crew turned into an
alcoholic shortly after. This is an extremely upsetting thing. You know, it
wasn’t like this alien jumped out and bit his head off or anything, it was just
standing there for a few minutes, the doors closed. He has a feeling that that
elevator was malfunctioning, otherwise he never would have seen that except by

“In another incident though… at the China Lake Naval Weapons Station,
up here at China Lake…
near Ridgequest… they were working there on the China Lake Naval Weapons
Station and walked by a hanger… They walked by a hanger as they were headed
for their trucks to leave for the day. And they had parked their trucks in an
unusual place, a place they didn’t normally park, because it was an extremely
hot day and they wanted to keep the trucks out of the sun. So the Security had
given them permission to park the trucks in a place that wasn’t normal. So they
walked by a hanger that they didn’t normally walk by, and they looked in, just
kind of glanced in, and saw inside a couple of grays working on something. And
of course they were, you know, astonished… And an MP came running over and
said: ‘Hey, you can’t be here! What are you doing here?’ And they said: ‘Well,
Security said we could park our trucks here.’
And (the Security Guard) says: ‘Well that’s fine, but you get out of here
because you’ll get yourself killed!’ So they left. But one of the young guys on
that crew couldn’t leave well enough alone.
The guy we’ve been talking to said, ‘Look, I know what you saw, I know what I
saw. I know what we saw at Haystack (Butte), it’s all for real, I know what’s
going on, but don’t be a stupid jerk. Leave it alone!’

“This kid didn’t leave it alone, and very shortly thereafter he was
booted off the base, and three months later he was dead under mysterious
circumstances. Now of course we can’t say that he died ‘because’ of this.
There’s a disturbing pattern of people dying however when they see things
they’re not supposed to… Michael Riconosciuto makes it very clear in his
statement to us that if you go past a certain point your dead or disappear, just
like that. We’ve heard that time and time again. Indeed there are a great many
people on the ‘inside’ who are making it clear that they would love to flee,
people like these people that apparently were blown out of the sky, the
Wackenhut garbage.
These are trained (mercenaries) who have seen things they cannot stand, things
that turn their stomach, things that make them want to grab evidence and flee
for their lives. And they were blown out of the sky, probably by something
equivalent to a stinger missile or something like that. And there are lots of
people who want to get out.

“Just an example of the way these people talk, one of them said to us,
‘I would trade my $100,000.00 a year salary for a job at McDonald’s if I could
get out alive.
There’s a certain despair there, a certain feeling of entrapment. You see there
are the people who know what’s going on and who have created this agenda and
have ‘bought-into’ it entirely, they are enrolled in it, and they believe that
they are indeed the ‘Olympians’. They have to employ lots of normal humans like
us to do the sheetrocking, to do the grubwork, and those people are in a very
bizarre catch-22, because they are given the promise of a salary that they never
believed possible.
You know… they’re going to paint walls all day and they’re going to take down
a hundred grand a year, this is unusual. That’s the up-side of the deal. The
down side of the deal is (you know, and they make it very clear)… all these
people who get these high security clearances are subjected to INCREDIBLY
intimidating indoctrination and intimidation processes… they really do subject
these people to tremendous pressure, tremendous intimidation, indeed they do
inflict great violence on people (on whom) they ‘need’ to. They make ‘examples’
of people…”

In one sense, there is a growing division taking place between the
Constitutionalists of America and the ‘Alien’ controlled segments within the
underground bases. This would also include their human ‘pawns’ who will
apparently do anything, even murder their fellow man, in order to continue
receiving the technological ‘benefits’ from their alien masters, to whom they
have ‘sold’ themselves and whose agenda of control and subversion they are
serving, whether knowing or unknowingly.