Wanna See a UFO? Head to Texas!

For yet another night Texas UFO sightings have occurred just before a quarter after seven around the Fort Worth area.  The bizarre trend began late last week when a solitary observer looked up at the sky while talking on the phone to see a mysterious formation in the sky that would be reported seemingly again and again by various observers.  The newest mysterious report was submitted today and differs from the others, along with another report happening earlier in the day near Fort Worth.

The report says around 7:10, a mother and her daughter were leaving a gathering in town when in the Northwestern sky several red lights hung motionless.  The daughter, noticing the objects called the formation to the attention of the mother, and the two watched the mysterious red lights together.  As the lights flashed, one trailed to the west in a straight line, then another before going out.  As the second disappeared, two more appeared simultaneously.  The second pair of lights mimicked the first going to the left and disappearing.  As the two got in the car and started driving home, they noticed the same thing happen again as they pulled onto the highway, close to the first sighting’s location.  It’s interesting how this series of formations is different, but even more interesting how they are similar.  It seems that based on the repetitive movements of both sightings, that something or someone may have been making an attempt to convey some form of message.  Of course this is purely speculation.

The second sighting in the Fort Worth, Texas area on the LBJ just before the turn off to go East on I-30.  The observer was heading to work just around 6:30 when he suddenly caught sight of a cigar shaped object out of the corner of his eye.  The object was shaped like a cigar with a strobing light similar in appearance to a giant sparkler at one end.  As he continued along, the object soared ahead of him, before turning and darting away.  The observer, sad to see the exciting object go, continued watching the skies and soon the object returned along his right hand peripheral vision.  Soon after it disappeared a second time, however, he began to wonder if it knew he was watching it.  This isn’t uncommon in UFO sightings for a craft to seem to be able to “read the thoughts” of those observing it and sort of play with observers.  As the driver continued he wished the object would follow him all the way home, but he had no such luck.  Instead, it turned sideways and hovered directly in front of him before darting off finally for good this time.

To put things in perspective, twelve UFO sightings have been reported in the Texas region, and eleven of those were around Fort Worth.  By comparison, in all of New York, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and New Jersey combined, only five have been reported in the same amount of time.  It seems if you want to see UFOs any time this week, head to Fort Worth!  Just be sure to watch the skies between 7:00 and 7:30.