Was Grinning Man A “Cleaner?”

Last month we did a piece on a creature known simply as The Grinning Man or Indrid Cold.  But even as the cases seemed to die out shortly after the events at Point Pleasant with the Mothman, this entity or others like it have been spotted by several witnesses who share their terrified encounters over the Internet.  But what could the Grinning Man be?  And is there a correlation between sighting the Grinning Man and seeing other paranormal phenomena?

To look at the phenomenon from more than a mere terrified perspective of observing an unknown creature, what purpose could we fathom the Grinning Man serves?  It stands to reason that the creature, whatever it is, finds its way into situations where paranormal experiences of another type are taking place.  Generally sightings of the Grinning Man have been around something else in the area that defies explanation.  But is this creature simply a manifestation of a similar sort of unknown “energy” that allows these other entities to manifest?  Or is there something more going on when it makes an appearance?

Theories about the Grinning Man’s purpose have been around since the creature was first spotted by a truck driver on a simple stretch of road in New Jersey, but several of them leave the reader with far more questions than answers.

First, there is the theory that the Grinning Man is a variation on the Men in Black phenomenon with a more overt supernatural twist.  While the Men in Black seem to be either human or facsimiles of humans, the Grinning Man makes no attempt to hide his inhuman and unnatural seeming features, even twisting what would be normally seen as human into a disturbing and what some describe sinister grin.  While he may not interact largely with humans verbally, he makes his appearance known to a select few either to ward them away from certain areas or to distract them from something else present.

Another theory is that the Grinning Man is a sort of extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional “cleaner” of sorts.  When something not intended for this world slips through, the Grinning Man suddenly makes an appearance.  When that entity disappears, so does he.  Is this mere coincidence?  Or does one have to do with the other?  If the Grinning Man were a sort of bounty hunter could the final sighting of the Mothman have been followed by this mysterious entity finally getting a hold of the unknown creature and either “erasing” it or taking it off to places unknown?

But if the Grinning Man is working as an agent of some unknown conspiracy to silence the paranormal why does he allow himself to be seen?  Why has he adopted a visage that is easily recognizable and yet absolutely terrifying?  This is only one element of this story that seems completely unexplainable.  And if it is indeed extraterrestrial in nature, what other horrifying creatures are making their presence known to a select few on Earth?