Was it a UFO or an Unidentified Microlite that Just Crashed?

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Authorities are baffled as witnesses describe a mysterious craft suddenly coming around and descending into the sea.  But this is no ordinary UFO story as the witnesses are sure what they saw was actually a man-made aircraft making unusual maneuvers and then descending beneath the waves.  Was it this a classified military prototype?  Or something from somewhere a bit less terrestrial?

When the coastguard received a call requesting help after a mystery object descended into the waters around the Usan area of Montrose in the UK, it seemed a tragic albeit not completely out of the ordinary report.  The witnesses were sure they had seen a large object, looking similar to a microlight hobby flying machine descend in a controlled way beneath the waves.  But that’s where the ordinary story ends and the stranger elements of this encounter started to come out.

After searching the area, the coast guard and police were unable to find any trace of a craft, and nothing nearby seemed disturbed by such a craft.  When they appealed to the greater area asking if anything matching the description had gone missing they were met with a wall of silence.  And now police are left with the task of considering alternate possibilities.  Dedicated to solving this sudden and strange turn of events, the search continues both on land and in the sea where the craft was spotted landing in the water.

Perhaps one of the strangest elements of this story is how the craft was seen descending rather than crashing into the water.  It didn’t appear to be out of control, and in fact simply glided down into it and disappeared.  After the witnesses were left watching when it disappeared they soon worried for the pilot of the craft, thinking it might not have been quite as purposeful as it had looked.  Nothing was left in its wake but mystery and a few witnesses scrambling to help.  But even though there is nothing but eyewitness testimony, the police are taking the event very seriously.

For years there have been reports of craft dropping down from the sky and entering the water never to be seen again.  UFOs are said to commonly appear in places near water and then show off their great ability to maneuver through the skies, only to disappear beneath the waves below.  Unlike the unidentified flying objects we’re generally used to, however, these craft seem more at home beneath the sea than flying among the stars.

Of course there’s also another possibility.  What if this craft were one of a new type of military craft that could both fly and dive under water to evade detection?  Such a system would be interesting because it would essentially be the ultimate reconnaissance vehicle.  After all, who would look for a plane under water?

In the mean time this sighting remains one of thousands of UFO sightings this year.  While the police force looks for missing microlite pilots on the web, many will have their eyes trained on the sky.