Well Known Aliens in Film and Television: Part II

In this second installment of well-known aliens that have appeared in memorable movies and television shows, you will encounter a few blasts from the past that should put a pleasant smile on your face.

Mork (from ‘Mork and Mindy’)

Lovable and entertaining, Robin Williams brought the character of ‘Mork’ to life with oddball sounds and innocent curiosity. This television comedy centered on an alien from the planet Ork, which was hatched from an egg and sent to Earth to investigate and report back.


A popular character during the 1980s, this television series showcased a furry body and long snout, but seemed to capture the interest of viewers , as it lasted for four seasons. This alien from the planet Melmac, crashes into the home of the Tanner family, who are unsure on what to do. He’s named ALF by the family and they decide to protect him from the outside world. In case you haven’t figured out yet, A.L.F. stands for ‘Alien Life Form.’

E.T (the Extra Terrestrial)

Some will say it was the pig-tailed smile of a young Drew Berrymore playing Gertie or the classic children’s film that explored creatures from another planet that caught the attention of filmgoers. E.T. was brought to life by Steven Spielberg in an endearing tale of a rather charismatic alien whose just trying to “phone home.” With four Oscars under its belt, the film was successful in entertaining those who came to see a group of small children help an alien find its way back home.

Enemy Mine

This 1985 flick showed Dennis Quaid as a human, who finds himself stranded on another planet with an alien (played by Louis Gossett Jr.). Interestingly, the alien belongs to the same race that Quaid was fighting before he crashed into this planet. The plot continues with the two trying to find a way to survive together.

The Blob

Don’t forget , the blob (whether you watch the original 50s flick or the 80s remake) was an alien life form that evolves into something that the characters in the movie have a hard time dealing with. While the movie borderlines weird and corny, it is still a memorable piece of alien entertainment.


This movie paired Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen as romantic opposites, as he was a visitor from another planet has taken the form of a young widow’s husband. Prompted by a message that NASA sent into space, the arrival of the alien follows. This 1980s John Carpenter movie showed Bridges as the alien with compassion and innocence. He asks the widow to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona and along the way , the government attempts to stop their plans. If he doesn’t reach his destination in time (a giant crater) , he will not be rescued and will die instead. This movie was actually nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role.