Were Rendlesham Witness’ Drugged?

The Rendlesham Incident of 1980 is still to this day considered one of the most well documented unexplainable events involving an unidentified flying object to reach the public mainstream.  And even so, many of the witnesses involved suggest there is a massive cover up involved prohibiting many of the most important facts from reaching the public.  And just recently the leader of the Rendlesham Forest Expedition has come forward suggesting those involved in the incident may have been drugged.

In an interview with Open Minds Radio, an independent radio show that looks to explore the stranger elements of the UFO phenomenon and allow viewers to come to their own conclusion, Colonel Charles Halt, the leader of the expedition that went into Rendlesham Forest has a lot to say about the matter.  Many to this day still hold the Rendlesham Forest incident to a higher standard of proof than any other incident of its kind.  And in Halt’s opinion, the incident still stands as one of the most mysterious of its kind.  And with the news that many of the witnesses were interrogated by persons unknown, there is even a suggestion that the individuals involved were interrogated and made to alter their memories of the events using chemicals.

There have been a number of transcripts released regarding the incident over the years including one released just this July that claimed to be of an interrogation between the Air Force and James Penniston who was allegedly under the influence of Sodium Pentathol.  The interrogation transcript is by no means pleasant to read, but it is widely considered dubious even in the UFO community as it doesn’t seem to have a paper trail, is largely dependent on anonymous witnesses.  Still, this hasn’t stopped many from believing the harrowing tape actually depicts the interrogation.

But even if the various transcripts offered up over the internet of the alleged Rendlesham Event Interrogation are disputed, Charles Halt’s revelation that he believes the witnesses involved were indeed drugged, hypnotized, and interrogated under mysterious circumstances alludes to a fairly disturbing narrative.  While interrogations using sodium pentathol (AKA truth serum) are not unheard of, the use of this chemical during interrogations has been deemed unreliable as it does not allow those subjected to its effects the ability to tell between truth and fantasy.

The Rendlesham Forest Incident happened in 1980 when a group of Airmen left the confines of their base in order to investigate a mysterious series of lights that had visited them in the night.  Though they did not bring along a video camera, they did bring a tape recorder to make record of the events as they transpired.  The audio track has been released several times and stands today as some of the most eerie UFO evidence to date.

Were the airmen later interrogated under questionable conditions regarding the events they saw and heard?  It’s not clear if they were or not, but many experts have pointed to how unique such n incident would have been.  Additionally, there is little reason the airmen would have had not to cooperate with the investigating authorities right from the beginning.