What Are You Prepared to Do?

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The pact with the Devil was made 50 years ago, before most of us were born.  the future of the human race was sold to the highest bidder.  Now, we are cattle waiting to be harvested.  Most of the human race refuses to believe that we have been invaded by an advanced race of predatory reptilian/saurian aliens.

The deal was struck between President Dwight D. Eisenhower and the reptilian grays on February 20-21, 1954, at Edwards Air Force Base http://exopolitic.org/Study-Paper-8.htm .  President Eisenhower signed us away in exchange for advanced alien technology.  The basic details of the “treaty” were simple – the U.S. Government would receive technology and the reptilians would get the human race.  They were given the right to take a limited number of humans for the purpose of monitoring our physical condition, among other “harmless and humanitarian” reasons.  We were supposed to be returned to our homes unharmed with no memory of the ‘abduction’.  Another condition of this so-called treaty was the U.S. Government was to provide the reptilians with bases deep underground.

By the time the U.S. Government found out what was really going on, it was already too late.  The first inkling of a secret agenda came when a crashed saucer was retrieved by the military.  Inside this saucer was found human body parts.  It was later discovered that human secretions are used as sustenance by the reptilians http://www.thewatcherfiles.com/dulce_book.htm .  With this discovery, the U.S. Government went into a panic.  How could they fight a race of beings that are so far advanced?  How were they going to keep the secret of alien occupation from the public?

The horrible truth of betrayal, slaughter and deception has been kept hidden from the public for 50 years http://www.think-aboutit.com/mutilations/Human_mutilations.htm (warning: graphic pictures).  The human race feels safe in it’s ignorance.  Books, lectures and the Internet opened some minds to the alien threat.

Some of us began to see the connections.  We learned that the reptilians have been on Earth for a lot longer than they previously let on.  They said that Earth is their home-world.  It was learned through investigation and interogation that the reptilians have been manipulating humankind for millennia http://www.crowdeskies.com/alien_interogation.htm .  This was accomplished by infiltration, implants and psychic manipulation.  The reptilians have infiltrated and manipulated religion, myth, the occult, fraternal organizations, governments and financial institutions worldwide.  Human beings from every walk of life have been implanted with munute devices that control and pacify.  This includes government officials and our military.

The “Grand Deception” has been firmly in place for thousands of years.  The mythology of a demonic “Serpent Race” is no longer a myth.  The human race has been cattle since the serpent (reptilian race) tempted “Eve in the Garden” http://www.alienresistance.org/ufobible.htm .

All of this sounds like science fiction, but, it most definitely is the truth.  The “Alien Agenda” has been exposed.  Our government is powerless to protect us.  It is so caught up in lies that it sees no way out http://www.v-jenterprises.com/cooper.html .  There is a difference between paranoia and being prepared.  It is now up to the People to make a stand.  It is time to fight for our existence.  What are you prepared to do?