What to do if you see a UFO or Alien Craft

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If you should happen to have an encounter with a UFO, the following guidelines will provide help…..

1. Remain calm and don’t panic.

2. Do NOT attempt to approach the craft if it is on the groundor hovering at a low altitude. There have been many cases in which witnesses have heat and/or radiation burns from approaching too close to a craft.

3. Do NOT attempt to make contact with any of the craft’s occupants. Your intentions may be mistaken as an act of hostility.

4. REPORT YOUR SIGHTING. By all means report what you have seen, but don’t bother reporting it to the Air Force, the FBI, or local Police. These organizations maintain there are no UFO’s and as such will simply file your report away.

Instead report your sighting to a UFO organization such as CUFON, UFORN, MUFON, CAUS, or any of a dozen other UFO groups. Chances are these organizations will send a “field investigator” to personally sit down with you and discussyour sighting.

5. If possible, take a picture of the craft with a camera.DON’T use a flash.

A flash on an ordinary camera is only good for about 20feet and all you will accomplish is letting the UFO know exactly where you are (if it didn’t know already.)

6. Note if possible the exact time of the sighting. This will aid in determining the duration of the sighting. Also look around for familiar objects that you can use to estimate the size of the craft.

7. Notice if possible any unusual colors or shape of the craft, did the craft produce any sound and if so what was it.

8. Notice if possible any related effects caused by the craft,i.e. electrical malfunctions of electronic devices (car ignition, radios, etc). Look for ground effects such as dust being blown about beneath the craft.

9. After the craft has left look for any “Traces.”A trace would be any physical sign the craft was there,

i.e. flattened grass, unusual soil patterns etc.


10. As quickly as possible write down exactly what you saw or dictate it into a tape recorder.

As time passes the memory of exact detail may fade.

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