When the Hopkinsville Goblins Went to Australia

You may remember the harrowing tale of the Hopkinsville family terrorized by a mysterious horde of creatures thought to have come from an unidentified flying object seen earlier that day as the sun was setting.  When we look at the descriptions of the Hopkinsville aliens anyone can see that they weren’t typical of what would be expected in alien encounters.  But that incident was preceded by another which not only involved eerily similar creatures, but predated the Hopkinsville incident by almost twenty years.

Some have dismissed the famous Hopkinsville encounter as pure fantasy, suggesting the family was terrified by terrestrial creatures that were entirely explainable by conventional means.  But as the incident unfolded, the family would report seeing very specific and incredibly unusual entities that they had engaged in a firefight with.  The image of the Hopkinsville incident stands out for many and the creature has been labeled the Hopkinsville Goblin although several were reported at the time.  But earlier in 1930 an unknown creature was reported by Beryl Hickey.  The family was living in a rural area near Mandurah, Australia when this took place.

Beryl was more or less a typical teenager when the incident took place.  He was living with his father at the time and they were enjoying a quiet afternoon when suddenly they noticed something unusual lurking in the shadows around their house.  The creature reportedly had massive bulging eyes out at its sides, stood almost two feet tall, had a wide but very thin lipped mouth, and massive ears spreading from its head like bizarre bat wings.  Though the incident terrified Beryl and his family, it was his father who was very religious and convinced the creature was demonic in origin.  He threw a net over the creature’s head ordinarily reserved for catching fish and began to drag it out to be thrown outside.  It was at this point the creature let out a terrifying shriek and the family was left covering their ears.  Eventually the father was able to get the creature out of the house, but the family would always remember that day in terror.  Of special note Beryl noticed how the hands and feet, although tiny, looked almost human.

Of course the creature described here is almost a perfect parallel to the creatures that would eventually invade the Calloway family’s territory and tear through the night despite being shot several times by the family defending themselves with shotgun fire.

It’s always strange when these stories parallel one another – especially if they do so across continents in circles where one party would almost certainly not have heard the other’s story.  Of particular interest is the fearless way the creature moved through the house and seemingly even approached the family members themselves.  But if the two incidents truly are related, from where did these creatures come?  And are there more like these two revealing the presence of a mysterious race of entities like this?  In the seemingly endless search for the truth, only time will tell if the answers will ever come.