When will the Alien Mystery be solved?

Something or someone who does not belong to that place or that environment is considered to be an alien. An alien can be said to be anything from outside the surrounding of any particular thing or place, however many people only believe that aliens are people living on a different planet and describe them to look somewhat like the humans with two or more limbs and travel I space crafts. This whole idea of aliens is not a fact or may be said that this is a fact but has not come across any encounter with the human beings. There is a small belief that there are many people or creatures which are surviving on a different planet or in a different galaxy and may either come to planet earth for knowing more about the life on this planet as we are inquisitive to know about the life on their planet or there may be a possibility that they may only come and destroy the human life or any other living moving thing so that they may come and have a new residence. There are people who think that the resources on their planet or galaxy are over and they may attack planet earth to make use of its resources. This legend about aliens may or may not be true but according to many scientists there is a minor possibility that there is life present somewhere else as well apart from planet earth. There are many movies, which are made on the concept of aliens. People today have started to get the belief that there are going to be alien attacks on our planet and either human shall be considered as slaves or there will be no human survivor present on the planet. Many also think that we humans may act as a new type of tongue tickler to the taste of the aliens. Though the whole idea of aliens is yet considered as a false and fake idea and in fact science and technology are working together to prove the same and there are many people who are waiting for the same to happen. However if there is life present seriously then there may be a possibility that we may have a new world to explore and also know the type of ideas and techniques used by them to do various things. Whether or not the aliens eat something or to they survive on some different type of energy like sunlight, water, etc. this may also be possible that their source of energy may be very different from the ones that we humans have. May be they don’t have burgers on their planet and instead of a McDonald’s they may have something equally liked by the living beings present on their planet. There may be many possibilities that the aliens and we humans may have many things in common, but for this to all be true science may first have to catch the not captured aliens and then all this may fall in place.