When will we know more?

Aliens II

There are billions of planets that exist in our universe; planet earth seems to be the only planet that has life in all quarters. We cannot find a planet that has living beings as we have on earth. Recently there have been researches done by many special teams such as NASA, SETI and many more, where many people are working in this field to search for life in the outer space. Researchers say that there are some planets that do look like they consist of life. The closest seems to be somewhere around eleven and a half light-years away in our own milky way which seems the closest place for us to search for life. Another recent research shows that a star that is said to be 55 light years away from us has 5 planets revolving around it which looks like very much same as our solar system. This star is supposed to have a planet that may perhaps have living beings; this does not mean that it will have humans and plants or animals like us. Life could be there in any form.

It won’t be long until one day when we will successfully find life on some planet. This would not mean that we would be the race that will be able to rule the universe in fact we might already have competitors, who are visiting our own planet but yet we are unable to track them, maybe they are keeping a check on us as how dangerous we would be for them. The crop circles, UFOS, the regular sightings of mysterious lights in area 51 are surely some signs of disaster where we have unwanted guests that seem to be harmless for now. Possibly they are on a mission to our dear earth or perhaps they are just friendly. It is said that our earth already has aliens that are there with us but we cannot recognize them. Many have reportedly seen flying saucers that have landed; some have seen these saucers fly in groups. All these saucers are surely not machines that are created on our earth. People who have seen these flying objects have said that the sight of such objects lasts for just a few seconds.

Many astronauts that have experienced their outer space trips have said that they have sighted unknown stuff on their space voyages. Are there alien spaceships? Was it really a civilization that was caught roaming in our solar system or was it just a passing meteor. If these airships happen to be from some civilization then why is it that we cannot track down to their base. Or is it that we stand nowhere in their comparison when it comes to technology. NASA is supposed to have done research on many planets to find life. We might not be able to find life as yet, but this might be just the beginning. Faster spaceships and high-tech machines are yet to be developed. With help of such machines we will be able to do research at a greater speed as well as there will be much more accuracy.