Where Did This Image Come From?

The photo depicted here is of an alien Grey that was taken either by a
military operative or an independent contractor working for the
military.  The image is always shown in UFO forums as a disputed image
of an extraterrestrial.  Still, many believe the creature to be the
genuine article.  To date it is one of the most compelling images of an
extraterrestrial.  But where did it come from?  And is the object shown
in the image really an alien, or just a model designed as a hoax?

it has recently grown in popularity, this image actually dates back to
the year 1994 in a UFO magazine that is rarely talked about today. 
Stargate International was the first to publish the image alongside an
article written by respected Ufologist Robert Dean.  Dean allegedly
received the image from a personal contact whom he considered to be a
credible source during his attendance at the 1994 International UFO
Conference in Mexico City.  Dean is considered one of the top
UFOlogists in his field, and therefore was apprehensive to put forth
any one piece of information as a legitimate article.  As he examined
it, however, and consulted with photography experts, he became
satisfied that the creature depicted was not the result of photographic
fakery.  Always careful of his reputation, however, he noted in the
article that he was looking for feedback from any sources who may be
able to confirm or refute the sighting.

Robert Dean fought as a
Second Lieutenant during the Korean War in the Armed Forces during his
27 year army career.  He was assigned to the Supreme Headquarters
Allied Powers in Europe in 1963, and received a top secret security
clearance.  Less than a year later he claims to have received a
document called “An Assessment” of which there were only 15 copies in
the world.  The copy Dean was in charge of was to be kept in a safe. 
The several inch thick document outlined the Radar and Electromagnetic
Effects of the craft, Holographic Analysis, Historical Research and
Evidence of the beings presence on Earth, Technical and Metallurgical
Analysis of the craft, Biological Analysis and Autopsies of the beings,
Sociological Problems, Psychological Problems, and the effects the
revelation of these beings’ presence on Earth would have on world

Dean was unable to bring forward samples of the
documents because of their top secret nature.  Many say without proof
these documents don’t exist, but there are plenty of other documents
that have remained classified for far longer than these purportedly
have.  Dean says evidence of alien beings visiting Earth is being
actively suppressed by the US and world governments.  According to Dean
and the documents he read while serving in SHAPE, there are currently
12 alien civilizations interacting in one capacity or another with
Earth.  This is conservative in comparison to the claims that as many
as 52 different alien species may be interacting with Earth.  As for
the photograph, Dean says he has no reason to believe his contact lied
to him.