Where Do Most Alien Abductions Happen?

Presumably if you knew where alien abductions happened, both regionally and in day to day life, those who wish to avoid the experience could avoid these locations and those who sought out alien contact could likewise seek out these places and situations.  But is it as simple as this?  Let’s take a look at the most likely places to get abducted by aliens.

First of all, let’s take a look at the locations from day to day that abductees report experiencing close encounters of the fourth kind.  Encounters generally are reported as happening “away from people” or “in the middle of nowhere.”  But what does this mean exactly?  After studying hundreds of abduction accounts, all of them seem to have some very key elements in common.  And several of these had surprisingly little with the popular culture conception of alien abduction.

First of all, abduction cases generally happen when an individual or group of individuals is not present around other people who are not known ahead of time.  While groups of friends, family, or coworkers may experience an abduction while hanging around one another it seems very rare that multiple people would happen upon a specific location and then find themselves the subject of an alien abduction.  Second, most compelling and convincing abduction cases seem to happen in secluded areas (although the definition of this term too should be redefined.)  Abductees commonly find themselves having experiences when they are “alone,” but not necessarily geographically isolated.  In fact, several abduction claims happen at night or during the day in very populated areas.  We’ll go into the geographical locations more in a bit.

It seems the X factor in being alone is not necessarily that someone is alone, but rather that they are unobserved by third parties.  Once again a peculiar exception is made in the case of close friends and family of the abductee who are often reported as being present but somehow rendered catatonic or otherwise unresponsive as though frozen by some unknown force.  Abductees have reported their loved ones standing as though fully awake and yet unable to respond to anything including shaking and yelling from the abductee.  Later these witnesses will claim no memory of the events and may in semi-rare cases even have entirely different memories or simply a vague impression of a dream that took place during this time.

So what two cities seem to have the most alien abduction reports coming out of them?  Interestingly the two cities the most abduction claims have come out of are LA followed by New York and its surrounding cities.  First time abductions commonly happen while traveling alone on highways either during the day or night time, but there are several accounts where individuals will be abducted during childhood and then continue to have experiences throughout their lives.  UFO “hotspots” are generally a good indicator for where abductions will be reported later.  Whether the abduction experiences actually involve aliens or not is of course likely to be a matter of conjecture and controversy for quite some time, but these areas are where the reports are most commonly going to be made.