White House Responds Directly to Extraterrestrial Petition

The White House has responded to a petition regarding Earth’s visitation by extraterrestrial entities directly by once again taking the stance that there is no evidence that Earth has been visited by extraterrestrials or that there is a cover up involved in the phenomenon.  But while some are saying we can close the case for now, others are scratching their heads at the decision the White House made to disregard the alien evidence that still remains unexplained.  While it seems the White House may want to keep attention on more terrestrial matters in the public, the statement seems to leave quite a bit missing in their explanation.

The petition, which was signed and sent by over 25,000 people led by Stephen Basset of the Paradigm Research Group, made the petition go all the way to the White House where it was responded to by Phil Larson who says that in the long history of the space program and several military ventures there has never been any contact by extraterrestrial beings by the White House or evidence gathered by the various space programs of an extraterrestrial presence either on Earth or in space.  He went on to describe the findings of the Kepler Space Observatory and the limited evidence of possibilities of life on other planets by other NASA programs that ultimately proved inconclusive by the standards of science.

Of course the response was far from novel for the White House, which has consistently denied any contact with extraterrestrials since the 1940’s when the Roswell Incident first brought the idea of life from other planets visiting Earth into the spotlight after the first wave of UFO sightings after World War II by Kenneth Arnold.  It is hardly a surprise particularly among those who contend that the White House has been engaged in long term denial while carrying on long term diplomatic relations with the visiting extraterrestrials for decades.  Of course by the end of the day it’s their word versus the word of several individuals from the government who claim the exact opposite.  The Disclosure Project in 2001 held a massive press conference with 20 experts and personnel from the military and space programs where they testified that the military and the government as a whole had many partitioned areas of expertise that had extended contact with extraterrestrials.  The press conference was the first of several that would include the expert testimony of dozens of ex military and ex government employees.

Of course the idea of government disclosure has been on the minds of UFOlogists for years with many people suggesting full disclosure is the only thing keeping us from open contact with extraterrestrials.  Often panic and trouble with markets on Earth are cited as reasons disclosure cannot happen just yet.  But it may reach a point, if aliens are indeed in contact with our governments that the prospect of disclosure is the only option for us all as we venture into the future.