Who’s behind the making of Crop Circles

Do aliens really exist? Is it that aliens frequently visit our planet? The answer seems to be difficult, but there is evidence of their visit. The crop circles they seem to be the best indication of their arrival. There have been many cases reported by the farmers regarding the crop circles. Are these circles made by the impact of landing by the spacecraft or are they just a hoax. May be they are man made where people take all the trouble in the world to make such gigantic yet properly measured crop circles. Isn’t it a job that takes a lot of time as well as A grade engineering?

Making such crop circles takes a lot of time and there is this risk where you might be caught making them. Some crop circles are said to be very large where they are round about 2, 00,000 sq ft. making such gigantic crop circles would take a hell lot of time. Then how are earthlings supposed to make such crop circles?

The maximum numbers of complaints that have been lodged are supposed to be from southern England. Are these aliens trying to target England or is that people living in England have high tech machines that can make crop circles in no time. There have been many reports where crop circles are formed in not less than twenty seconds, how this can be possible for humans and that too in no time. This has to be a force that is beyond our reach that has not been discovered by us, as yet.

The UFO sightings surely have something to do with this. People who have actually seen crop circles being formed have said that they could see a colorful light beam that comes through the skies reflects on the fields and disappears in less than a second, the next morning you will see the crop circles that are in different shapes, sizes and designs. It is not that each and every crop circles are made by unknown forces some people are said to be specialized in making such crop circles for many movies however this takes time.

If crop circles are supposed to be hoax than why is it creating such a fuss in our mind? The answer is supposed to be with the American intelligence or NASA who are supposed to be keeping a very keen eye in outer space especially with the help of satellite view how are they supposed to miss any unusual movement around our planet. It seems that they are trying to avoid public attention from any such involvement fearing panic that may be caused.

Some say crop circles are warning signs where as some say that the aliens are trying to communicate to us by sending symbols. What ever the reason may be, this keeps making the topic more complicated and frustrating for some and for people who are researching on this, have to come up to a certain conclusion. The day isn’t far when the mystery of crop circles will be resolved.