Why Aliens Are giving Hidden Signals

Every now and than people say that they have come across UFO’s, there are some people who say that they have actually undergone sexual harassment by these aliens. Is it true that these aliens have come all the way to our world and dared to use our men and women for cross breeding? There has to be something that is disturbing in our every day life. People have seen crop circles, flying saucers, all around the world. These are some signs that make us think about our future where we might be in for trouble with these aliens.

Aliens who have come from far off planets are said to be on a mission, where they are here to get something that they want. Many believe that they are already with and around us; it’s just a question of recognizing them. The amount of people who claim that they have been abducted by aliens, taken to their spaceships and forced have alien children. These people say that they don’t remember any thing before getting abducted; however they claim that they were used to cross breed with alien spouses. If at all the aliens are abducting earthlings to conduct research they might not be physically superior this could be their reason that they are looking to take back home a better-quality race or may be they are just conducting researches.

There are also been people who have seen these UFO’s from a very close sight, some say that they have actually seen it from as close as a hundred meters and could see the inhabitants that were peeping out. After which the spaceship would disappear in the clouds away from the earths orbit within a matter of seconds. Leaving a light behind and taking of without even emitting sound, and for the surprised spectator this would just be a nightmare, unless the next day he/she will hear about the crop circle that had been created from the impact of the spaceships.  Many sightings, many victims, UFO crashes all this is pointing to something, that is been kept away from us. If at all these aliens are harmless than why aren’t they facing us friendly, instead of giving this small signs about their existence. If they are looking for something from the earth then they will surely take it. Even if we were to have an alien attack our weapons would stand nowhere in their standards. As the very fact of their technological advancement is that they are able to make the spaceships with whose help they are able to come all the way to earth. Wouldn’t this mean that there is a civilization that is far more advanced and a possible attack would terminate our civilization?

It is surely not fair to say that we are the only planet that supports life in the whole universe. Another important point is that the amount of UFO crashes that have been reported all over the earth. But yet after all these incidents we are not yet able to make that were these spaceships or just the hoaxes that were spread.