Why Aliens want to Attack Us

The term alien means something that does not belong to this planet. However today when you use the word “Alien”, any person believes that you are discussing about a hypothetical creature from some other planet that has come to this planet to destroy the same.

It is said that many unidentified objects have been seen in the atmosphere of the earth whether this is true or not is yet a mystery. There have been many such instances where in people have started to believe that the whole idea of aliens is true. There are many movies, which are based on this concept, and many people enjoy watching these movies.

They say that by the year 2012 the world may come to an end and the reason will be Aliens. The entire human race will be destroyed from the face of earth. Many scientists are transmitting messages into the space and are waiting for any response. Spacecrafts are sent to the space for the study of other planets and many other things. However nothing noticeable of other living creatures has been found until now.

There are many stories about aliens they are said to have a body somewhat like the humans but may be stronger and instead of five fingers they may have only three fingers but they may be long ones. The height of this creature may vary from story to story. So on an average it may be said that the height of the creature may be five foot. They also say that the aliens shall have supernatural powers or totally high tech gadgets, which may be used for the destruction of earth.

Recently one of the newspapers mentioned that water is supposed to be present on the planet Jupiter as well and the space study department of a country told this to them. It may be good news though for us earthlings because if the population keeps increasing the way it is increasing we may need another planet to start our existence. But now the question arises that will there be any type of living creature out there, which may or may not be a possibility.

There has been a huge threat that the aliens may come to this planet and with their spacecrafts or flying saucers they may fly around and destroying earth along with its beings. They say that the aliens are going to attack the earth for the use of land and other natural resources because they are exhausted with their resources and also over populated.

This may be true enough that like us there may be life in the other part of the universe not in this galaxy but may be in some other galaxy, and like us even they have used up all their resources and now want to come to our planet and settle down on this planet. Which can only happen if they erase us from the face of this planet. Let us all wait and watch if we are getting some aliens knocking on our door and asking for shelter and food or the same flying in a spaceship and trying to shoot us down.