Why Are Alien Contact Drills Being Performed in Schools?

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Schools across the United Kingdom are practicing drills where school children bear witness to a nearby UFO crash and then go about investigating it, learning if it is safe, and interviewing witnesses to the events.  But even as parents are showing up at the strange mandatory drills, a few are raising questions about why it’s suddenly necessary to inform their children about UFO crashes.  And now information surrounding the programs is being edited or wholesale removed on several news sites about the programs.

It may sound strange, but it’s actually a part of the curriculum for children in the United Kingdom in some schools.  Police are mobilized and set up elaborate simulated UFO crashes and then are given guidance on how to check around the area, ask pertinent questions, are encouraged to examine the safety level of radiation and other possible problems, and then write up reports which are then submitted to the police and/or the students’ teachers.  While the spirit of the program is largely good fun, and there is little evidence of anything more than a simple roleplaying scenario playing out for the sake of learning, the specific circumstances seem strange to many interested UFOlogists.

Perhaps the strangest aspect of the programs is the presence of police almost every single time.  When was the last time the police were called in to assist a European history lesson or even a lesson teaching the Magna Carta?  In researching the matter, police are often utilized by schools in order to teach about public safety and drug avoidance policy as well as “life choices” type classes.  And yet the police are not only involved in these programs, but actively participating in the creation and implementation of several of the craft and the occupants making several wonder about the real intentions of such a program.

And the strange only gets stranger when there have been reports that stories covering the programs have been meeting a premature end around the internet.  The blog Dateline Zero covered the disappearance of a Weston Mercury news article from the site, later replaced by a different article.

If this were something attempting to “hide in plain sight” so to speak, it would be doing an incredibly good job.  School programs involving crashed UFOs have made headlines in the UK several times, but only those involved in UFO investigation seem to be actually asking about why such a program would be created, and how schools have been able to secure the assistance of police in such an elaborate educational matter.

It is perfectly reasonable and possible to believe this is simply a program designed to promote creative thinking and capture that sense of wonder and channel it into a constructive endeavor.  But even as police are called to tell children straight faced that aliens have just landed on the school playground and that they were to line up in an orderly fashion to go outside, of course there’s always the doubt that so many will have.  Is this somehow preparation for something else?  And if not, why involve the police?  And why is it becoming such an archetypal program mirrored in so many different schools?