Why are Alien Sightings Not taken Serioulsy?

It is interesting to muse over the possibility of a take over of the planet by aliens. But whether or not it is possible or not, it is definitely not for us to say or determine. Earthlings can simply speculate on life on other planets and more advanced life forms on planets within galaxies thousands of light years away. Our knowledge about the surrounding universe is very limited and considering the time since the conception of life on the blue planet, we have only just begun the quest to know what lies beyond.

It is very natural to follow the night sky and ogle at lights that move against our understanding of what is there, is supposed to be there and what cannot be possible. Nevertheless, the hundreds of records on eye witness accounts of alien sightings and that of their spectacular flying machines that we so identify as flying saucers because of the shape on record, defy the set beliefs. It comes naturally to us, especially since we have self declared our species to be at the apex of all creation, to deny what we don’t understand. This is just the stance taken by the non believers. However, there are a number of dedicated resources online and offline that make it possible for the space enthusiasts to question and probe into the possibilities of an alien attack.

It is uncanny, but true that most of the alien sightings have so much of similarity. All the eye witnesses swear by super natural powers possessed by the advanced beings they encountered. They also confirm to faculties of anatomy similar to man, but far advanced , with the presence of a fantastic ability to communicate via telepathy. All the sightings of alien vehicles speak of the saucer shape and orange lights and the erratic movements and speed, unlike anything from our planet.

Even as the NASA authorities and government officials from around the world keep denying these findings and blame it on tired minds and great imagination, they cannot deny the much publicized quest to find life forms on other planets. While the information available to us is definitely grossing in at the box office and within the entertainment and toy and gaming industry, there is a rostrum out there fuelling the possibility of an alien take over.

Whether or not the end of the world comes from annihilation via aliens or our own doing, is yet to be seen. However, we can simply speculate at the number of ‘surreal’ experiences of the eye witnesses. We have only managed to probe within our own galaxy and that too with limited success. It is important to deliberate upon the question that amidst controversy, are we choosing to be ignorant or is there something the officials know that we don’t?

There are a number of online and offline resources that offer details on alien sightings and some even offer photographs via candid cameras. Hazy though, the pictures provided by some of the eye witnesses sure leave your imagination running wild.