Why are aliens here?

What has been the thought of everybody seeing a UFO? Is it the sign of the apocolypse? A sign from God? Or maybe they’re just here to study us like seeing a chimpanzee in a zoo, a controlled environment where they can do anything. Ladies and gentlemen let me get straight to the point they are here for several reasons. One they are here to study us, find out our weaknesses and our strenghts, they are here to study our mind see how it works, for one thing they know way more about our brain than we know. Two they are here to study every inch of our planet, setting their attack when the day comes. Three they are here to use us as a food resource and trust me the Greys care about nothing of which they eat. Four they for the safety of our own protection, protecting us from World War III and when it World War III happens there will be missles coming from the skies, we cannot contain our instincts to kill the ones we hate. Our weapons i.e. the nuclear bomb will kill us all if it is in the wrong hands ladies and gentlemen in which it is. When the day comes people they will be here, who knows if its the Hatchets or the Greys one of them will be here either to save us or to enslave us before we destory ourselves.

Speaking of enslavement the Greys will take advantage of us killing ourselves and take as many as us as they want and do what they want to us. That is in fact why the Greys are here, to enslave us they are just waiting for the right moment. Fortunately it hasn’t happened yet, World War III. Off the topic whenever I inform the people theres a bigger chance of me getting caught by the government and trust me every time I do these things I get letters threat-matic mail letters. Anyways I will be here to inform the public so feel free to contact this site about me if your still interested about the Greys, Hatchets, conspiracies, the government, and foreign affairs.