Why Are UFOs Being Spotted Near Nuclear Accident?

A recent phenomenon of unidentified flying objects being spotted and reported near the nuclear reactor at Fukushima nuclear plant has some believers in the phenomenon saying “they” may be somehow manipulating the situation.  With theories ranging from the mundane to the truly fantastic, it seems we should address the growing population of theories surrounding the Fukushima Power Plant and the influx of mysterious lights and objects appearing near it.

And perhaps the best way to begin is just as the sightings began.  Shortly before the incident in Japan unfolded, Youtube videos began popping up declaring that the Japan Earthquake was preceded immediately by a mysterious series of glowing lights just off the coast where the Earthquake would later originate from.  And with witnesses filming and posting these mysterious lights, soon it was theorized that these luminescent objects could have been the often reported “Earthquake Lights” as are commonly reported in incidents of this type.  During the China Earthquake in 2009 similar lights were spotted hovering above the countryside with several hundred witnesses spotting and rolling film around it. The object in this case appeared as a glowing rainbow of colors emanating from a central point in the sky.

But now other objects have been reported above the Fukushima power plant.  Reports have come in of strange metallic craft, glowing orbs, and other unidentified aerial craft which seem to buzz the area or hover for several seconds before blinking out of view.  With so many cameras rolling of the unfolding crisis being managed by experts, it’s unclear why so few videos of these UFOs have made their way into public hands.  Of course some have suggested a cover up.

Is there something strange going on above Fukushima power plant?  Several theories have been posited by believers around the web.  A recurring theory among those who believe Earth is being visited by benevolent beings who must keep their presence secret for reasons unknown suggest the objects are working to help keep the situation contained and under control in unseen ways.  Still others are suggesting the objects are simply observing, but not interacting with workers on the ground or the catastrophe itself.

As the reports continue to roll in and the rumors begin to fly, this is not the only area where speculation is overtaking confirmation in regards to the Fukushima power plant.  And so as we look to the future of the reactor and the surrounding area we can only hope that if objects are indeed hovering above the reactors as so many have suggested, they are working to help the scenario play out in ways that will result in a contained reactor core with minimal contamination for the survivors of the Quake.

Of course skeptics suggest that these objects are no doubt military or other standard craft that would make an appearance as efforts to contain the situation continue.  There is no doubt that world leaders may be tempted to use their own secret technology to help the survivors of the Japan Earthquake if they would prove capable of saving lives – even if the true nature and power of the technology itself were impossible to reveal.