Why Are UFOs Visiting Nuclear Installations?

For years mysterious craft have been reported arriving at nuclear testing ranges while tests are ongoing and interacting with missiles of all sorts.  Add to this the harrowing stories of entire missile silos shutting down after a mysterious object arrives on the scene, and it’s clear why agencies around the globe might simultaneously decide to investigate the matter and keep it under wraps.

One of the most truly disturbing UFO stories ever to come out refers to the Malstrom Air Force Base and the early morning events of March 16, 1967.  It’s not the kind of story where someone sees an alien creature and tries to relate the bizarre experience in terms we all can understand, but rather it’s the kind of story that suggests there’s something much bigger going on here that may actually have an impact on us all.

It all began when Deputy Missile Combat Crew Commander heard that there was something strange approaching the base and hovering near the front gates.  The mysterious object moved over as alarms went up throughout the base and didn’t stop when people assembled to look up in wonder at the object.  An unexplained object visiting a secure military installation is troubling enough, but it’s what happened next that would haunt Salas for many years and even spur him to make the incident public.  After the object passed overhead, one of the minuteman missile lights flashed over to inoperable, or what those on the base called “no go.”

Was it nothing more than an incredibly unlikely coincidence?  The strange object somehow reportedly shut down the missiles at the base one by one as it passed, leaving those at the controls of the base with a major problem on their hands.  Missiles don’t ordinarily just shut down like that without warning.  A single missile suddenly going offline without any explanation is a tremendously big deal.  And so it was understandably even stranger when not one or two, but eight missiles suddenly shut down unexpectedly.

The military and Washington have both declared that unidentified flying objects are not a matter of concern as far as security goes.  It’s unknown if there have been any repeat incidents or if anything like this has happened in recent years.  But we can’t help but wonder what the motivation of the craft might have been if it were somehow responsible for the missiles going offline.  Was it trying to send a message?  Or was it testing what it could do while it visited the installation?

In recent years UFOs seem to be more selective where they appear, by no means appearing in front of as many people as was reported in the 1950’s and 60’s at low altitudes.  Instead, they seem to have a more hands-off approach.  It should also be noted that 1968 was one of the most dramatic shifts in nuclear tensions worldwide in recent history.  The board of atomic scientists effectively pushed the clock forward five minutes at once to illustrate how dangerously close international diplomacy was to dissolving.  With the Vietnam war in full swing and Six Day War beginning, the world was at the brink of catastrophe.  Did this incident somehow have an influence on the matter?