Why are we still clueless about Alien Sightings?

UFOS are seen all over the world. All stories of alien sightings started with UFO’s where people had seen aliens on earth, who came in their flying saucers. The people who have seen these sightings say that this lovely sight lasts for just seconds.

How is it that they enter our earth in no time and leave us blank about its arrival or departure? Neither do they produce any sound. How is it possible? This means that there is a civilization that is more advanced and frequently visits us.

Leaving the earth’s atmosphere in no time means that they have technology, which is probably thousand years ahead of us. Neither do their crafts leave a trail of smoke that can allow us see their trail. This means the space shuttles that are used by them use an unknown force or reserves that we are unaware of. This could be a high tech machine that can travel to speeds faster than light. 

People have said that they have seen many UFO’s crash and that the government sends a team of experienced military team and tries erasing all the evidence that were at the crashing site, and no debris can be found for us to speak about. Why would NASA and intelligence agencies dealing with all this try and cover the story behind this. We are in the same state as our ancestors. 

We have not yet made any success in this field that happens to be the most interesting and challenging task for humans. A possible alien attack is not far away as this uninvited visitors seem to be keeping a keen eye on Earth. Maybe they are looking for something that they want from Earth, which attracts them to come all the way from their own galaxy. People say that they are here to cross bread with the humans to get better children for their civilization.

Mating with our civilization would mean that they are not of the best of physical or mental status, and this would be the reason that they are looking to take back home a breed that is more advanced mentally and physically. A frequent visit of these aliens would also mean that they are looking to attack our Earth to get something that they need, it looks that they are looking for the Earth instead of the humans that is in our possession. Maybe the earth is what they want, that seems to suit their style of living.

UFO’s are said to make crop circles of different sizes shapes. Many say that the aliens are trying to interact with us by giving such signs that is the way maybe they communicate. Why on earth are these aliens hiding from us maybe they are scared or they do come but it is kept as a big secret from us by the NASA or intelligence agencies as they would be the ones that seem to have been keeping a keen eye on the UFOS.